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Multiple Myeloma – Chemo is good for her! Why go for herbs then?

Dear Dr Chris,

My mom (74 years old) had diagnosed with multiple myeloma since May 2012 (last year) and had her chemo treatment at 1 of hospital in Kuching Sarawak and has a good medication outcome on multiple myeloma.

But on the other hand the chemo treatment had diminution her overall fitness conditions, hence to this condition I would like to ask for your different opinion of medication on multiple myeloma.

I attached my mom medical record for references and please let me know for further compulsory information or requirement.

Very appreciate for your attention and advise.


Reply: Since you said that the chemo is doing her good. Just continue receiving the chemo. Nobody can cure cancer. If you want to know more read my book: www.bookoncancer.org

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