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Lymphoma Turned into Leukemia after Chemo?

Dear Dr Chris,

My sister is getting weak, any possibility to see you earlier then Friday?

Reply: Where are you from? What is the problem? Chris

Dr Chris,

I am from Penang and get to know you through a friend who one of her friend happened to be seeing you before. She was initially diagnosed with lymphoma at the stomach – 6 inches around Aug last year (2012). Going through the chemo process and RT, the Dr say the lymphoma mutated and it is leukemia right now and there is no further treatment the Dr can offer.

I can offer more details once we meet. Thank you for your time and looking forward to hear from you.

Reply: You are from Penang. I don’t think you need to write email. Come and see me. Also please note that I cannot cure any cancer, especially she was been messed her up. Chris

Totally understand your message. I know but we still haven’t give up on her and will go along the way as long as we see hope. I am just wonder any possibility to see you any earlier otherwise we will drop by on Friday.Thank you


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