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Liver Cancer: Cut, Chemo and Cut Again. Then Now Want to Cut Some More – No cure!

Hi doctor,

I am MS, from Manado, Indonesia, and I heard about you from my friend. My father got liver cancer, accidentally found in July 2011, before he had an open heart surgery in Penang. Early of November, doctor cut out the tumour, 60% of the liver was cut out, and we did regular check up every three month. Until 6 months, it was clear and nine months after that, two cancer cells was found, and doctor suggest to do the ablation method.

In July 2012, doctor also did the RFA, because some cancer cells were found. And in December 2012, doctor found that there were cancer cells again, and he suggested a second operation. So, in January we came to do the operation, and doctor also checked if the cancer was spreading out, but not found any.

Last March we came to do the USG, and it was clear. And recently, we did the CT Scan in 26 April 2031, and found that it was already spread out to his left iliac bone, and left adrenal.

Doctor suggested to cut the adrenal, and after that do the oral chemo, but we told we will think about it first. And we had plan to go a Health Care centre, the place that practises healthy life style by diet and exercise.

On Tuesday, one of my friends told me about you, and we interested. We are still in Penang now.

How can I reach you? What time can we meet you today? Thank you for your attention.


Reply: Come and see me at 11 am this morning or 3 pm this afternoon. Bring all the medical reports. If you miss this, come on Sunday at 7 pm onwards. See my website www.cacare.org and you see the map and time.


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