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Extensive Colon-Liver Cancer: Do Eight Chemos – Only Three Months to Live

Dear Dr Chris,

I came to know you several years ago when you were on TV2 Forum talking about cancer… I quickly wrote down your no and kept it. I have also refer many of my clients – cancer patients to you.

Attached please see my uncle CT Scan report. He was normal and cheerful till April 2013 when the xxx Oncologist xxx asked him go xxx to do the CT Scan.

He now asked my uncle aged 79 to do 8 chemo!! We advised him not to, as he still can work, walk eat… We were annoyed as the Dr told him he has 3 to 4 months to live only!  Coz my  uncle asked him.  Of course he and his wife were extremely sad.  Now from a happy person, he has lost hope, suddenly feel so down, depress, no more smile on his face and he is getting weaker and weaker, as he has lost his appetite to eat.

I consulted a Dr in PJ, after seeing this report he said:

Eat more meat!  Lean red meats, fish, chicken etc… DO NOT GO VEGETARIAN.  He needs protein to stay strong and fight.  Don’t simply make your own conclusion that vegetarian is good. It can become very dangerous for cancer patients.  Body can shut down faster.  Eat more and eat well.  Balance meals, lots of water, fresh foods, fresh beef, lamb, pork, fresh veggies.

Food that he enjoy – keep him satisfied and positive.  Very little that you can do, but can make sure he lives a quality life, prolonged life, keep the body stronger for longer and last longer. Back to good nutrition, PROTEIN NUMBER ONE, good fats etc…

Highly appreciate if you could advice how can you help my uncle?  He stays in Negeri Sembilan.  He is a very kind, humble, lovable, generous, sociable and merciful person, we are extremely sad why he suffer such illness!!

I also forward his report for a doctor relative Dr K for adv.

Please help and appreciate your advice asap.

Thank you very much Dr Chris and may the good Lord Jesus bless you and all of us.

Warm regards, EL.

Reply:  Aya, what is so difficult — just bring him to come and see me. Bring all the scans and reports. And did he do the chemo?

Can he read? or listen or watch videos?   Go to my website…www.cancercaremalaysia.com  and click on the video presentation that I gave in KL on 11 May 2013.


Let him watch them.

In the video of my talk — same story — the doctors said: No surgery, no chemo you have only 3 months Now she is 3 years and still alive. Listen to that. http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2013/05/15/video-presentation-talk-by-chris-teo-11-may-2013-kuala-lumpur/

Then if he can read, get this book—Cancer What Now?

What is so difficult — the difficulty is people don’t believe or don’t what to help themselves —That I cannot help.

Take care, Chris


Thank you very much for your quick reply. No, they do not want him do chemo.  Just let him live the normal live till the end?  I asked his sons to watch and show the videos to his dad.  He only understands Chinese. A shopkeeper of a hardware shop, selling all kinds of pesticides, chemicals, cements, fertilizers, paints etc for more than 80 yrs. He do not want to travel to Penang, too far.



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