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Uterine Cancer: Surgery, Chemo Messed Her Up?

hi chris,
My name is k from Jakarta. My mom diagnosed for corpus uteri cancer stage  4 mets to lungs and 1 lymp nodes in pelvic early february. everything else still clear but tumor was 19 x17
She was scheduled for 6 chemo, 3 before surgery and 3 after.  after 3rd chemo tumor shrink to 19 x13 and lung mets size reduced.

After surgery her condition went downhill, as on the 4th chemo her right hand and leg weakened but doctor said it was cipn..2weeks later it got worst, they did mri and discovered several mets to brain. And condition weakened because swelling in brain. After surgery she suffered abdominal pain and difficulties passing stool. And often burping.

I’m thinking of doing gamma knife from brain mets, and the doctor said it is possible. However as it was her schedule to do chemo, she went to chemo first (5th chemo) .3days later she suffered severe sepsis. Right now she’s still on recovery and progressing well. But today she still having abdominal pain, hard passing gas and burping bitter taste.

I dont know, but i think the doctors messed her up in surgery. Just wondering, what do you think about gamma knife? As the brain mets depressed her. Also she still has residual tumor in pelvic that causing her hard to sit. I am so devastated with pessimistic doctors around her.

I’m thinking of bringing her to mount miriam or nci cancer hospital, but looking from her condition it seems hard as she just had sepsis, very weak right hand and leg also the abdominal pain usually making her head sweating while the body gets cold.

She is 53 years old. Do you have any suggestion for me? If you think you have something worth trying, i will fly to meet you on friday. Thanks

Reply: I don’t think anybody can do anything for her …too messed up. No, modern medicine makes things worse.


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