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Lung Cancer from Medan

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is S,and i’m from Medan, Indonesia, i have read about cancer care at penang. And im interesting to ask more about your offer in healing the cancer.My father is 70 years old already and he is suffered from lung tumor / cancer. We don’t know for sure what stage he has.

Because we do not want him to take a biopsi / smal surgery in order to know whether it is only tumor ( cell that can be taken out easily) or cancer (heavy cell).

So we take second option, we go to the herb medicine by herbal doctor . We took the herb medicine for already 8 months. It seems that the tumor is getting smaller. But the tumor is moving to press the esophagus and the way to swallow foods. So this make him difficult in swallowing the food . Now my father takes his food by making them into juicy ones and swallow them slowly. As you know, he cant eat normally already. What should we do then. He seems so thin now. He has lost his weights for around 10 kilos more.

Can we send an email to u by enclosing his medical report from the hospital? and can you inform us whether u will open your cancer care at penang around 6-7th August 2013?

Thank you for your information before, I look forward to hear from you soon.Please heal my father, we love him so much.

Thank you. Best Regards.

Note: How can you ever say the tumour is getting smaller? Any scan or USG? Or imagination. And his is not getting better!

Nose Lymphoma: Treatment in China. Cancer spread to his liver

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I got one cancer case who is my brother. We knew he got the lymphoma nose cancer in 4 months ago. At first he suspected something wrong at his neck area got a small lump and few month later he went to Malaysia did the CT Scan and noted that he got the cancer. After with family discussion we decided to go bring him to China, Guangzhou to do the treatment. When went there the doctor did the operation to take out the lump at his neck area and brought to experiment it and confirmed that Lymphoma cancer.

He stayed there for 3 month to do the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After that he was back to hometown and planning to back for third times of chemotherapy but after 1 week he got chicken pox with whole the body with the mouth. It really made his body very weak and he started to feel pain in his stomach few days before went to china . And, two weeks later after the chicken pox he went back to Guangzhou hospital to continue his treatment but too bad that after the scan the cancer already spread to liver and the pain was from the liver.

Could you advice is he still can be cure?  With thanks and regards,

Reply: Where are you from?

Dear Sir,

We are from Indonesia.

Reply: Indonesia means where???????? Jakarta? Medan?   You need to come and see me with all the records ….go and see this website…www.cancercareindonesia.com — read informasi yang harus ketahui.

Dear Sir,

We are from Tg. Balai, Riau. My brother is in China now. We will bring him to visit you once he is back.
By the way, may I have your detail address? Thank you.

Cancer Patients Going On A Holiday Trip? Be careful

Dear Dr. Teo,

I just read through your website, and fell the impulsion to write to you, hope you don’t mind.

I wrote to you one and a half year ago, when my father in law was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma metastasized to the lung. After that you reply and refer us to Mr. Teddy (we live in Jakarta). And since that, we are consulting with him.

My father in law has gone through surgery to resect the primary tumor in the kidney, and after that consumed your herbs, and radically change the lifestyle. He is now try the best to stick strictly to the diet you recommend.

Everything goes pretty well this last one and half year. The former cough and breath shortness has reduced pretty much, and he is in quite good health and even took a tour to Vietnam last month.

But just last few days, he felt numbness of his limbs, difficulty to walk, and experiencing urine incontinency. We consult the doctor and the doctor refer him to Thorax and lumbrosacral MRI, and the result reveal metastasis in corpus L1.

We are quite desperate at first, but are willing to do anything we can to improve his health.

Thank you so much,

Reply: It is better that you come and see me in Penang …. bring all the medical reports and scan done earlier.



Dear Dr. Teo,

Our father’s condition has deteriorated these couples of days to the level that he has difficulties to move his left part of body. But on the other side, he still has good appetite and quite good sleep.

We have consulted a neuro specialist regarding the MRI result, and he suggested to limit mobilization to prevent any fracture of the bone.

That’s why we feel that our father may not be able to come to Penang, but we’re thinking of having our mother and brother (Patient’s wife and son) to come and see you, together with the medical reports.

Do you think that is okay? And what is the appropriate time to come, can we come at any time? And how long the period of stay should be for this first visit? We will arrange accordingly,

Thank you for all the support you have given through Mr. Teddy to our father’s health. We have been counting on your herbs and way of life this one half year.

Best regards.

Note: For all. There was this patient. He was doing fine with the herbs for many many months. Then he decided to go to China. After China went to Vietnam. When he came home, his liver was full of tumours. He went for chemo in Singapore and died.

If you have  cancer, please try NOT travel. It is stressful because you are going to eat all the “bad: food all day long throughout your holiday. When you come home you pay for that “hmmmm … I don’t what to say!”

Stage 4 Colon CA in Singapore

Hi Dr Teo,

My mum has been diagnosed with Colon cancer stage 4 recently in Singapore.  We are from Penang originally.  My mum is a Malaysian hence she can’t enjoy any health care benefit in Singapore.  Due to the high costs to be involved in surgery and chemo therapy as advised by the doctors from NUH, I’d like to seek for your advice if the surgery of her tumour removal is still required if we seek the herbal treatment from you.  We need to know this as to explore which site of hospital we should send her to.  As the spread to liver is only very minimal hence doctor’s advice was to go for surgery ASAP and follow by chemo therapy.

She has been complaining about her stomach discomfort since May this year.  In the beginning it was only constipation as we thought that was caused by her new denture which caused her not to be able to chew the food properly, hence indigestion.  However, the discomfort has then been experienced by her almost every week.  She started to look very tired until 18/7, she totally had to sleep for hours and couldn’t eat any food, due to pain in the stomach.  She then vomited for twice on 19/7.  It was then we realized something was not right with her so we quickly rushed her to A&E.  Thankfully the doctor on duty on that day was very sensitive, she immediately requested her to be warded for further observation.  After an early afternoon CT scan, I was informed about the bad news 2 hours later. I ’ve attached her colonoscopy results for your perusal.  I’ll be sending another more detailed report once they are available.  We’re ready to let her go back and see you personally.  Appreciate your advice on what we should do next.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Best regards,

Reply: Get it removed.

Surgery and Chemo Did Not Cure Her Breast Cancer

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am writing my email from Indonesia. My mother is suffering from breast cancer stage 4 and it is now quite severe. The chemo she is taking now does not seems to work on her. And it is getting bigger day by day.We would like to know whether you are available for consultation during 7 – 10 August?

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks and Regards,

Reply:  9 August at 3 pm to 5 pm okay.

Dear Dr. Teo,

Thank you very much for your advice.

A lump on her left breast was sighted on July 2009. And a biopsy has confirmed that it was a cancer cells. She underwent treatment on herceptin +  capcitabine as suggested by Doctor. As the tumour got smaller, she had an operation to remove the cancer cells. Herceptin was administered after the surgery until  January 2010 and Hormonal therapy was given until early 2012 in hope to prevent relapse of the cancer. However, she did not take the hormonal therapy diligently and sometimes missed the therapy. During this time, she also took traditional Chinese medicine.

In February 2012, another lump was discovered and 3 courses of herceptin + capcitabine were administered without biopsy. The treatment was stopped end of March 2012. Traditional Chinese Medicine was used to treat the cancer after the chemotherapy.

As the tumour grown bigger by the day, chemotherapy resumed on September 2012 with different drugs, but later was stopped once again on December 2012, due to fatigue and agony and my mum refused to continue with the therapy.

After much persuasion, she started chemotherapy again on May 2013. At this stage the cancer has gone bigger and spread to liver. The latest CT scan showed that the lump has increased to 8 x 9.1 x 9.6 cm.

As current treatment is not receptive to the cancer anymore, the Doctor recommends using Herceptin and other drugs for the next treatment on 15 August 2013.

Please find attached for the report of CT scan and list of drugs she has taken.

After reading from your website, we learned that there are a lot of side effects from chemotherapy. Is it possible to reduce the side effects by consuming the herbal and will the herbal caused other side effects? Is it safe to stop the chemotherapy and rely on the herbal?

We could not bear to see our mother suffering from the chemo she is taking now and hope she will get better soon. Your further advice is much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

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