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Stage 4 Colon CA in Singapore

Hi Dr Teo,

My mum has been diagnosed with Colon cancer stage 4 recently in Singapore.  We are from Penang originally.  My mum is a Malaysian hence she can’t enjoy any health care benefit in Singapore.  Due to the high costs to be involved in surgery and chemo therapy as advised by the doctors from NUH, I’d like to seek for your advice if the surgery of her tumour removal is still required if we seek the herbal treatment from you.  We need to know this as to explore which site of hospital we should send her to.  As the spread to liver is only very minimal hence doctor’s advice was to go for surgery ASAP and follow by chemo therapy.

She has been complaining about her stomach discomfort since May this year.  In the beginning it was only constipation as we thought that was caused by her new denture which caused her not to be able to chew the food properly, hence indigestion.  However, the discomfort has then been experienced by her almost every week.  She started to look very tired until 18/7, she totally had to sleep for hours and couldn’t eat any food, due to pain in the stomach.  She then vomited for twice on 19/7.  It was then we realized something was not right with her so we quickly rushed her to A&E.  Thankfully the doctor on duty on that day was very sensitive, she immediately requested her to be warded for further observation.  After an early afternoon CT scan, I was informed about the bad news 2 hours later. I ’ve attached her colonoscopy results for your perusal.  I’ll be sending another more detailed report once they are available.  We’re ready to let her go back and see you personally.  Appreciate your advice on what we should do next.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Best regards,

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