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Pancreatic Cancer from Bandung

Good afternoon, Dr.Chris

We are from Bandung, Indonesia. I found your website during my browsing in google.

My mother in law, 61 y.o 11 months, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer 4 days ago.

Below is her blood test result:

1.Ca 19-9 is 40.49 , the reference is < 39

2. GOT: 113, reference < 27

3. GPT: 227, referencr <34

4. Gamma GT: 833, reference < 39

5. Bilirubin total: 8.4, reference < 1.1

6. Bilirubin direct: 6.4, reference <0.3

The USG result for pancreas:

Capus pancreas getting bigger and seen oval mass nodule, not smooth, hypoechoic, non homogeneous texture with 4×3.1×3 cm in size. Normal corpus and cauda, texture normal.

Echogenicity normal. Nothing suspicious area or nodule.

Wider Ductus pancreaticus.

Pancreatolith not seen.

Diagnosed from USG: there is a dam in intra common bile duct and extrahepatic, the clog is in the edge of distal ductus Choledochus because of nodule neoplastic( malignance appearance) at caput pancreas.

She will do the ct scan today, Sept 19, 2013.

Her condition now:

1. Yellow skin and eyes

2. Pain in abdomen

3. Backpain

4. Appetite still ok

5. Pale stool

6. Dark yellow orange urine

Until now not yet having medication.

She drinks supplement such as Jelly Gamat, aloe vera, centrum multivitamin

Please help me, Doctor. I want to make appointment as soon as possible within this week or next week, because my mother in law has has high willingness to livr and be cured.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,

Reply:  You just need to come and see me with all medical reports and scans.

Lung Cancer: Chemo and Radiation. Patient unconscious. Oncologist gave up

Dear Dr Teoh,

My fiance male, age 46 was diagnosed primary lungs cancer with metastasis to cervical spine, spleen, right inguinal hernia and lymph node involvement. He received two doses of chemo therapy, 5 times radiotherapy over the cervical. 3 times radiotherapy at the left lung but didn’t complete another 2 radiotherapy because he is too weak. The oncologist told us to stop the radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well. He’s having some complications such as thrombosis at the renal vein and inferior vena cava. Currently he is able to aroused and aware of things happen around him but not able to respond as he had stroke or possible brain metastasis.

I would like to seek the herbs therapy from you. He is currently admitted to private hospital in Melaka and need small oxygen support, feeding tube and need total nursing care. In view of his condition i would like to enquiry:
~ can i feed the herbs via the feeding tube?
~ any suggestion of the nearby hospital in Penang that i can settle him as he need continue nursing care
~is that any branches in Selangor or Johor so that it is safer to transfer him by ambulance

Thank you and best regards

Reply: I am sorry. We cannot handle such a case. Better ask the doctor to help him.  chris


Kindly reconsider it. The doctor already told him that he is not responding to the chemotherapy. Thanks

Cancer of Cervix: Surgery, Chemo and Radiation. Cancer Spread to Her Lungs

Dear Dr. Chris,

I get to know your name and info from one of my friend. My mom is now stay in Segamat, Johor.

At the beginning,she has a bleeding problem and went for CT scan. Scan show she got cervix cancer. Thus, she went to Hospital Columbia to see a doctor and remove her uterus. After that doctor took her uterus for checking and found that her cancer cell has been spread out from her uterus.
Than, she has been recommend to Subang Cancer center to do Chemo & Radiotherapy. After done that, she went for PET SCAN, and result show that she is now having lung cancer and lymph cancer stage 4. Doctor said from his statistic, 50% of this kind of patient cannot survive more than 1 year!

Anyhow, She is now feeling good, no pain, no symptom. She till now still cannot accept this reality. We love her so much and we do not want to lost her. Most important, she is so desire to live! Please help her!

I attached herewith her report. Please advise when should she go to see you. Please allow us to make appointment with you as soon as possible because this is a LIFE! Thank You so much for your previous time and help!

18 Sept 2013 at 19:14pm from Phillipines.

Lung Cancer

Hi Dr Chris,

I am very much interested to bring my father who is currently suffered with stage 4 lung cancer. We are planning to come over to CA Care for consultations and medications. I have 2 queries pertaining to the same:

1. Is there any appointment required before we attend the session or we can just walk in to the center. We are planning to come on 29th September for morning session.

2. Do we need to sign The disclaimer and release of liability forms before visit by emailing the soft copy or it can be signed and submitted during the visit on 29th September.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.


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