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Grandmother with Colon Cancer in Singapore

Hi Chris,  May I ask you for some advice. My grandmother have colon cancer stage 3 but she is going for chemo every week. I put pressure on her to not go but she insists. I have added alternative treatments to her diet as well. I wonder is there any advice or herbs that you can give me? Is it possible to order herbs from you? At the moment I am giving her Transfer factor plus from 4life. Have u heard of it? It says it can boost NK cells by 400 percent and it can fight cancer well too. I am afraid it might not be enough.

May I know what is your advice? She can’t come to Malaysia and I need help. Are Chinese doctors with professors in Singapore good enough? I am desperate .

Reply: Can you come and see me? Chris

At the moment I can’t leave Singapore and I am only 20. Don’t have the cash or resource to do so. I am really lost sir.  I don’t know what else can be done.

Reply: Ask the son or daughter of the patients …why?  you are just a grandson? Chris.

Because my whole family believe in stupid chemo. I am the only one who believe in herbs and alternative treatments.

Reply: No need to fight … if that is what they believe …let them … everybody has to die …if they decide …let them do what they like! Chris


Bone Cancer from Colombia

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My mother’s MD has told us that she has a significantly aggressive bone cancer located within the left knee cap. Per the doctor, the cancer entity is very small but extremely aggressive. This was confirmed with a biopsy. They found that it had spread to one of her lungs, and that the cancer in her lung was small. They wish to do two tests to determine how dangerous it is. The doctor said the chance of survival is low because of her age (63). They are going to remove the affected bone next week. Then they wish to begin the chemo process.

I would like to know if I bring her to your clinic is there a chance of her surviving? The doctor stated that he must use the most poisonous type of chemo, and he is unsure if she can withstand the treatments.

Reply: Where are you from?

My mother is living in Cali, Colombia, South America and I am living in Tampa, Florida. I greatly appreciated your truly rapid response. Thank you.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help. I am from Malaysia … half a world from you. Chris.

Dear Dr. Teo,

I thoroughly understand that the distances are disruptive, however I wish to fly to your location with my mother. I and her will remain at your location until the treatment is completed.

What I am asking is if you believe, based on your medical expertise and experience with other cancer patients, is this cancer case beyond hope or is there hope through your treatment system?

Reply:  Thanks for your email. I am sorry. Cancer is a very, very difficult problem and I want to be honest. It is hard to try and help patients far away … no use to come and see me either because it is not a one-shot treatment. It is an on-going treatment process that take years I hope you understand. Chris

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