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Cervical Cancer: Chemo and Radiation – Stroke and cancer spread to liver, lung and brain.

Dear Dr. Chris,

We heard about you from a friend whom his mother suffered from lung cancer and had your treatment years ago. She has survived and still fine now.

My wife, age 39, suffered from cervical cancer ever since a year ago. As suggested, from Mei to July 2013 she had chemotherapy treatment for 8 times following by 24 times radiotherapy, but the result comes out not as expected.

Today, the cancer has spread to her liver, lung and brain. Besides, in between her illness she got stroke that cause paralyze on her left side.

We put her in the hospital in Medan at the moment, while we are looking opinion of alternative medication from other source.

We really appreciate your advice in this regard.

Reply: Come and see me with all the medical reports.

Lymphoma from Singapore

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

We are contacting you from Singapore. My sister, 33 years old is currently suffering from T cell Lymphoblastic lymphoma stage 4. She discovered this since April 2013. She had gone thru 8 cycles of chemotherapy (3 different types of chemo protocol)which had no effect of containing the cancer activities. She has also done 8 rounds of radiation to shrink the tumor located within the chest cavity. According to the doctors in NUH, they have no further chemotheraphy till date which can cure my sister’s condition.

My sister is currently home, generally well but with high heart rate and low blood counts and platelets. She has also lost much weight after all these months of treatment and currently weigh only around 38kg. We would like to seek your kind help and hope to make an appointment for us to fly to Penang and meet up with your goodself to explain full details of my sister’s situation.

Hope to hear from you soon and let us know when soonest we can meet you. Thank you so much!

Bile Duct Cancer from China

Dear Dr. Chris,

I’m from China and I would like to travel to Malaysia with my dad who is the patient. It is not an easy trip, so I’d like to confirm how much money should we prepare before we take off.

My father has got bile duct cancer in May, 2011, now recurrence is highly considered on the rest of his bile duct which is connected with liver. He has not got any treatment until now since his pain began to
develop in October. He has pain in the back and liver area. He has lost weight, and he is weak. Oxycodone and acetaminophen tablets works when the pain is severe. He has a bit high TBIL and DBIL, but it looks fine with other blood test. Doctors in China say his condition is not totally hopeless now, so we want him to get treatment as soon as possible.

Dr. Chris, please save my dad! I hope we can be there as soon as we are sure our buget is good enough.

Lung Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Prof. Dr. Chris Theo,

We are from Indonesia. My father was diagnosed lung cancer 4th stage 2 months ago through biopsi and it has already spread up to back bone. Considering to my father condition we decided to take herbs therapy with less impacts instead of medical treatments (radiotherapy and chemotherapy). But the herbs therapy my father has taken since 2 months ago shows unmeaningful progress to my father condition. My father now is so weak and he feels severe pain all over his body specially on his chest.

My questions are:
1. Considering to my father condition is it allowed if we visit you without my father come with us. If it is possible do we need to make a prior arrangement.
2. I have read on your website that we are required to fill a form before our coming. Should we submitted the form before coming? Please let us know if there are some documents other than the medical records we should prepared.

Thank you for your attention.

Reply: Come with all medical records that you have. NO need to bring patient.

Swollen Eye: Cancer

Dear Sir, Mdme,

I,ve heard about your hospital for cancer from Herlin Nias.  I would like to ask about my father  90 years old with good health. One month ago, suddenly his left eye become red and has inflammatory (bengkak in Indonesia language). After several time to Eye Medical Specialist, he had a CT Scan. According to result : he has cancer inside left side nose and eye and is a serious stadium, because of destruction of bone and “intrakranial” which according to doctor, the cancer has already attack brain.

I’ ve also made an consultation with Medical Doctor, specialist in Onkology Surgeon,who also said that he could not do surgery for my father because of “intrakranial” condition and also because of age (90 year old). One possibility is only radiation, but also have a big risk, because of age factor.

My question is : what can we (me and my brother and sister) do about my father cancer? Attached please find photos of my father 1 month ago and today, and also 1 copy of CTS can result.

Thanks to God for my father now is still in good health and do not feel sickness or anything about his cancer, except if his left eye been touch.  Waiting for your advice and or opinion. Thanks and Best Regards.

Reply: I also do not know what to say or advise you. Suddenly his condition developed so fast. I only see the pictures…how can I help? I really don’t know. I don’t know if my herbs can help at all.

Iressa and Lung Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is N this email is regarding my mom 63 years old. Below is my mom’s health history:

March 2013: After constantly coughing for 3-4 months, she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, nscl adenocarcinoma, with lymph nodes and bones metastases.

April 2013: She had 10 cycles radiation for 2-3 worst parts of the bones

May 2013: She started taking Iressa 250mg daily. She rarely coughs since then.

Sept 2013: Blood test showed that her CA15-3 and CA125 were within normal range, and the PET Scan showed that the cancer cells in lymph nodes & bones have diminished, while the main/big tumour in the lung has reduced in size.

Nov-Dec 2013: She started coughing again, it’s getting worse everyday

She is scheduled to get Pet Scan, blood test, MRI head, X-ray, and other scans on mid February 2014. She is treated by Dr. X  in Siangpore.

My question is:  Does my mom need to go to Singapore to see Dr.X and to get all the tests/scans done first, before going to Dr.Chris Teo?

or she can just come to Dr. Chris immediately?

Thanks & I’m looking forward to hearing back from you. Regards.

Reply: No need to do more test. Can come and see me. Your story of Iressa … that happens most of the time! Tumor gets smaller and then grows big ….Human beings don’t learn.

Breast Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my sister since she cannot speak English and she is from Indonesia. Let me explain her condition:

1. She has breast cancer stage 3 on both of her breast. 1 breast has about 4 cm diameter, the other has 1 cm.

2. She went to Singapore on May/June 2013 and she got 4 times chemotherapy treatment. The doctor in National cancer center in Singapore advised her to get her breast removed both of them after chemotherapy, but she refused.

She thought that the chance for survival for pretty low, the doctor explained only about 30 % and also the cost is very expensive.

3.Currently she is on diet, she did not eat meat, only rice and vegetable and fruits.

4. Is there any way that your herbal medicine able to control her breast cancer, so it does not spread to other part of the body.

5. How much is the cost for your herbal?. Since we are not from rich family, we have to prepare the money first.

6. When is the best time to see you, do you open on January 2014 or February 2014 ?

Thank you very much.

Lung Cancer: Recurrence after Chemo and Radiation

Hi dr Chris,

Let  me introduce myself. My name is Ixx from Indonesia.  My father, 53 years old, has lung cancer (non-small   cell). He has been diagnosed around February 2013 at NUH Singapore. Chemo and radiotherapy have been given to him, so we stayed at Singapore for a while. One month after all treatments finished, my father did CT scan and doctor said that those cancer cells cannot be seen.  So it seemed chemo and radio worked for my father.

But last week, my father went to NUH for routine check up again, did a CT scan again, and apparently those cancer appear  again. Doctor are suggesting my father to do biopsy to check whether that is really  cancer or not. But my father hesitate to do biopsy and CT  scan again since those actually not really good for body  itself. And also, let say my father did biopsy and doctor  confirmed that it was cancer, he doesn’t feel like want  to do  chemo again. Since the effect of last time chemo still  remains until now, even though last chemo would be around  end of March 2013. His taste is still weird, and his body is still not 100% well.  So we seek  another options and came out to your website www.cacare.com   Do you think you can try your best to cure my father? We would like to go there and see you. Is there any  appointment I need to make? What do we need to make an appointment? Hope for your reply soon. Thank you so much for your attention.

Reply: No need appointment. Come with all the medical reports and scans.

Neuroblastoma from Singapore

Hi  Chris,

Please help me. We are living in Singapore and my daughter has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma recently. It has already spread to her liver causing her liver to be enlarged. We are still waiting for her urine, bone marrow and biopsy result to be out and we are very worried for her condition and feel that we can’t just wait.Please save my girl. I can’t lose her.  Any advice on this please? Last week when she is admitted to the hospital, the doc has found out that her blood clotting is slow. Not sure whether it is related to neuroblastoma.

Reply: Don’t panic. Wait until you get all the reports. Then come and see me.

Rectum Cancer from Hong Kong

I am a 53 years old male. I was diagnosed to have rectosigmoid cancer in 5th September 2013. The tumor is about 6cm in size with 3 metastasis pelvic lymph nodes. It is a rectum adenocarcinoma in pathology. There is no improvement after 25 times radiotherapy and 6 times chemotherapy since 15 October. Please help.

Attached is my investigation records for your reference.

Lung Cancer from Singapore

Dear Chris,

I heard about your good work on cancer therapy  few years back , I have great respect for your selfless effort on helping Cancer patients that lost hope on tradition treatment.

My mother 74 years diagnosed with lung cancer stage four on right lung; so the doctor said. The doctor recommended two drugs iressa or tarceva. But have doubt in these drugs for quick fix. I would want my mum to consult you this week 3 or 4 Dec. Sorry for the rush appt. Let me know if you are available so that I can book flight from Singapore to Penang.

Btw happy new year! Hope to hear from you soon.

Mucinous Adenocarcinoma Appendiceal Cancer with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei

Hi Dr Teo

I am a sister in law to R who is in hospital in Perth Western Australia at the moment with the above cancer. He was diagnosed in Aug 16 2012. He has been given chemo many times and told his cancer is incurable. They are leading him along until he dies. We know his prognosis is not good. He has been in hospital now with blockages although two drs believe differently, one saying blockage and one saying air particles blocked. He was told he would never eat again and he said he was going to even if he did what the ancient Greeks (was it) do and purge and vomit it up. He is now back eating as a tablet they gave him has moved his bowel and he was feeling ok still with the belly getting bigger from these so called bubbles. Also leg to scrotum is really badly swollen. He was having a scan of his large bowel this arvo so we’ll see what other stuff they can come up with.

He was feeling ok and very weak as they had opened him up (to remove the large bowel and join the small bowel to the stomach) and said the mucous had crystalised and the organs stuck together and they had never seen this before so closed him up and said nothing could be done.

Still messing around with him, he wants to get fitter and get overseas, although the rate he is going he will not be around for long as they try to figure out how to remove the bubbles as his stomach is getting bigger but they say not from the mucous and nothing to be drained.

We are aware that this cancer could have been treated earlier overseas but no one actually said it could be an option. We found it difficult to convince R as he had strong faith in the medical system.

STOP: I just wonder why I get such an e-mail in the first place!

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