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Mucinous Adenocarcinoma Appendiceal Cancer with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei

Hi Dr Teo

I am a sister in law to R who is in hospital in Perth Western Australia at the moment with the above cancer. He was diagnosed in Aug 16 2012. He has been given chemo many times and told his cancer is incurable. They are leading him along until he dies. We know his prognosis is not good. He has been in hospital now with blockages although two drs believe differently, one saying blockage and one saying air particles blocked. He was told he would never eat again and he said he was going to even if he did what the ancient Greeks (was it) do and purge and vomit it up. He is now back eating as a tablet they gave him has moved his bowel and he was feeling ok still with the belly getting bigger from these so called bubbles. Also leg to scrotum is really badly swollen. He was having a scan of his large bowel this arvo so we’ll see what other stuff they can come up with.

He was feeling ok and very weak as they had opened him up (to remove the large bowel and join the small bowel to the stomach) and said the mucous had crystalised and the organs stuck together and they had never seen this before so closed him up and said nothing could be done.

Still messing around with him, he wants to get fitter and get overseas, although the rate he is going he will not be around for long as they try to figure out how to remove the bubbles as his stomach is getting bigger but they say not from the mucous and nothing to be drained.

We are aware that this cancer could have been treated earlier overseas but no one actually said it could be an option. We found it difficult to convince R as he had strong faith in the medical system.

STOP: I just wonder why I get such an e-mail in the first place!

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