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Bile Duct Cancer from China

Dear Dr. Chris,

I’m from China and I would like to travel to Malaysia with my dad who is the patient. It is not an easy trip, so I’d like to confirm how much money should we prepare before we take off.

My father has got bile duct cancer in May, 2011, now recurrence is highly considered on the rest of his bile duct which is connected with liver. He has not got any treatment until now since his pain began to
develop in October. He has pain in the back and liver area. He has lost weight, and he is weak. Oxycodone and acetaminophen tablets works when the pain is severe. He has a bit high TBIL and DBIL, but it looks fine with other blood test. Doctors in China say his condition is not totally hopeless now, so we want him to get treatment as soon as possible.

Dr. Chris, please save my dad! I hope we can be there as soon as we are sure our buget is good enough.

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