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Lung Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Prof. Dr. Chris Theo,

We are from Indonesia. My father was diagnosed lung cancer 4th stage 2 months ago through biopsi and it has already spread up to back bone. Considering to my father condition we decided to take herbs therapy with less impacts instead of medical treatments (radiotherapy and chemotherapy). But the herbs therapy my father has taken since 2 months ago shows unmeaningful progress to my father condition. My father now is so weak and he feels severe pain all over his body specially on his chest.

My questions are:
1. Considering to my father condition is it allowed if we visit you without my father come with us. If it is possible do we need to make a prior arrangement.
2. I have read on your website that we are required to fill a form before our coming. Should we submitted the form before coming? Please let us know if there are some documents other than the medical records we should prepared.

Thank you for your attention.

Reply: Come with all medical records that you have. NO need to bring patient.

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