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Swollen Eye: Cancer

Dear Sir, Mdme,

I,ve heard about your hospital for cancer from Herlin Nias.  I would like to ask about my father  90 years old with good health. One month ago, suddenly his left eye become red and has inflammatory (bengkak in Indonesia language). After several time to Eye Medical Specialist, he had a CT Scan. According to result : he has cancer inside left side nose and eye and is a serious stadium, because of destruction of bone and “intrakranial” which according to doctor, the cancer has already attack brain.

I’ ve also made an consultation with Medical Doctor, specialist in Onkology Surgeon,who also said that he could not do surgery for my father because of “intrakranial” condition and also because of age (90 year old). One possibility is only radiation, but also have a big risk, because of age factor.

My question is : what can we (me and my brother and sister) do about my father cancer? Attached please find photos of my father 1 month ago and today, and also 1 copy of CTS can result.

Thanks to God for my father now is still in good health and do not feel sickness or anything about his cancer, except if his left eye been touch.  Waiting for your advice and or opinion. Thanks and Best Regards.

Reply: I also do not know what to say or advise you. Suddenly his condition developed so fast. I only see the pictures…how can I help? I really don’t know. I don’t know if my herbs can help at all.

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