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Colon Cancer: Go for operation and don’t be fooled

Dear Dr Chris

My name is H, from Indonesia. I’m writing to you for help regarding my father’s disease. On October 2013, he had abdominal pain and felt something was stuck in his stomach. He decided to consult with doctor at Omni Hospitals (dr. Indra Politan, Sp. PD) on October 31st, 2013. He did USG and CT Scan with result of tumour in colon with size of egg.

To know more, my father consulted to Siloam Hospitals (Dr. Robert Tedjasaputra, SpPD KGEH) and did colonoscopy on November 4th, 2013. The result is attached, with conclusion tumour descenden 50 cm from anus. Dr. Robert suggested him to do operation immediately, but my father decided to search for alternative method.

My father consulted to Dr. X, famous nutricionist in Indonesia. Dr. X suggested to consume healthy food and avoid rice, oat, flour, MSG and sweet food (sugar, ketchup, etc). My father consumed vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, tomato or cucumber), fruit (avocado, apple or pear) and white meat (chicken or ocean fish) every day since consultation with Dr. X. The food must be prepared raw or steamed and no fried food allowed. To complement those food, my father also consumed 15 pils of Omega3, 3 pils of Vitamin C – 1000mg, 1 pils of Vitamin E – 200 iu, for every day.

Dr. X suggested my father to do colonoscopy on Februari 6th, 2013. He did colonoscopy in Siloam Hospitals and the conclusion is colon adenocarninoma. Dr. X, with regard of the result, suggested to do operation. All medic documents are attached.

My father never consumed medicine (from hospitals or herbal) from the first day of his disease. But he believe that herbal medicine can cure his disease. Therefore we ask for your advice and suggestion.

Reply: You need to for surgery and have the tumor removed. Don’t be fooled.

Endometrial / Cervical Cancer from Indonesia: 80 to 90 capsules per day!

Dear Dr. Chris,

I’m D from Jakarta, Indonesia and I have a mother who is diagnosed with stage 4 endometrium/cervix cancer 6 months ago. She is 57 years old.

My mom refused any medical treatments and went thru the herbal approach.  We went to a medical doctor who gave her lots of capsules made of herbs (he doesn’t believe in radiation/chemo/operation as well).   Along with this, we gave her tons of carrot juice every day. Everything seems better…for the first 1,5 months. Then one day, she suddenly had lots of bleeding, her conditions dropped and never got well anymore.

Now her stomach is HUGE, her body weight dropped from 80+ kgs to merely 57 kgs. We have consulted the doctor on what happened, and he said the cancer has spread like wildfire. We suspected it has spread to stomach/rectum/colon area too.  We stopped the capsules (mom can no longer ingest 80 or 90 capsules per day) and went to another doctor. He gave us some capsules that contains Ling Yzi mushrooms and told us to drink the capsules AS MUCH AS she can within the day. For the first 10 days she seems better , then again—out of the sudden her condition dropped again – until now.

I wish I could bring her to Penang, but she cant leave the bed – she could barely walk and in constant pain. Trumadol, Ponstan and even Durogesic patches is her constant companion. She can still urinate ( with tremendous pain and screams that follows) and defecate on her own too (also with pain)—however needs help from laxative capsules to be able to do this.

If I  alone go to Penang for consultation, will that be OK? I know you would like to see the patient – face to face. But I have no idea on how to bring her there. I have read some stories that you might accept a consultation with a person who is close to the patient.

Please kindly help us. I am not asking for a cure, or  a total recovery. All I am seeking is for her to have higher quality life in which her pain will be lessen, her sleep will be better, and her appetite to grow back. If ever she has to die, I wish it will be in a better state with peace.

Thank you in advance.

Reply: Come and see me with all the medical reports. No need to bring your mom.

Chemo for Multiple Myeloma: Stroke!

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is (also) Chris, and I’m from Kuala Lumpur. I’m writing to you with regards to my dad, who was recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis in August 2013. He was receiving treatment from University Malaya Medical Centre and started his chemo treatment in November 2013. However he suffered a stroke on 23rd December 2013 and that has complicated things further. Since then, he has been in and out of UMMC and Tung Shin hospital (for stroke treatment).At the moment, the doctors at UMMC said that he is not strong enough to undergo chemo treatment and is monitoring him for low blood pressure (due to Amyloidosis) and swelling in his legs.I would like to seek your advice on what to do next. Whatever regime that my dad is on at the moment is not improving his health. His BP this morning was 82/55.Regards,

 Reply: Well…we know that chemo or herbs cannot cure MM … I really don’t know what I can do …. esp, having gone through all those chemo… don’t expect much from us..we don’t have any magic bullet. Chris

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