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Lung – Bone – Brain Cancer from Semarang

Dear Dr. Chris,

My Name is Na. My father, 54 years old had lung cancer in the stadium 4. Carsinoma Scuamous Cell already spread in all over my father’s lung. The worse thing is that the cancer already metastased into the brain and his kidney. what already informed by neural specialist was the cancer in his brain was very near to the rod’s brain, so small infection will be very serious.

My fathers condition is very weak, couldnt wake up. Last treatment from doctor was to make him in better condition and to give chemotherapy/radiation. Due to his condition its not possible and our family also think that it will take too much risk for him. One doctor advised to get Iressa/Tarceva but its still not quaranteed and very expensive and surely its have side effect.

We are already searching all over sources, we try to get alternative herbal medicine but none seems to make him better.

Now, we kindly ask your help to give your advise to make him at least getting better or life longer. Any advise from you is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much doctor. 

Reply: Where are you from? Can you come and see me with all the medical reports ..no need to bring the paitents.

Dear dr. Chris,

I am come from Indonesia. I would  go there to see you, but i must accompany my father in his critical time. The neural specialist said that he must going trough the 10 days phase of critical time which will end at next friday.

Is it possible to send the data through email? Any other option that we can do rather than flying there?
If the only option i must go there, then should i make the appointment? I just cant be far away from my dad long time, leaving him suffering only accompany by my mother that is also weak & crying all time. I am sorry that i must tell you this doc.

Thank you very much for your response doctor.

Reply: Indonesia —where?

Dear dr. Chris,

We live at Semarang, Central Java. Is there any branch in Indonesia that we can contact?


Breast Cancer from Kuching

Dear Dr Chris,

I’m SL of Kuching.  I’m a friend of the Brunei lady who consulted you yesterday.  She has told you a little about my condition.  I’m breast cancer survivor. On 18 March 2014, I just did my PET SCAN and from the result my lower back bone and liver in particular is quite badly affected.  I’m forwarding you attachment of my PET SCAN result for you to reveal.  Please advise me on what to do next.  The doctor at Beacon Hospital, PJ has advise me to do chemotherapy again but I’m not in favor of doing chemo again.  I had 8X of chemo during my treatment last year.

I intend to go and see you next month as the air ticket now is very expensive due to school holiday.  However, if you want me to go earlier, I will try to make it earlier.  Please advice me on this.

Thank you very much and may God bless your outreach work on the sick.  Looking forward to hear from you.

Reply: You decide when you want to come.

Please don’t reject me – Lung CA from Singapore

Hi Chris,

I accidentally browse through your blog. Please don’t reject me, please. I am in a very very deep frustration, depress to the max. I know there is many many people who seek your help daily, so you might not be able to entertain me online. However, I can only just try… Besides trying & praying, nothing I can do…My mum has diagonized with lung cancer, final stage. It has spread to brain & bone, & backspine. I attached whatever I have, I can but I don’t know if it helps. Can you help my mum? Of coz I would like to bring my mum to ur side, but she can’t take longer journey. Can you please teach me how? I am a Malaysian, from Johor. I married to a Singaporean, & now we stay in Singapore.

The doc let my mum having Iressa, it cost us a bomb since we are treated as a foreigner here. I don’t know how long we are afford to this Iressa, & how long my mum can prolong her life. The doc also suggest her for brain & spine radiotherapy; while my mum weight is only 30.5kg at the moment. I don’t know if she can take it. The doc say she can only live for few months with Iressa, so what should I do?

We let her take u-turn grass with Iressa, we don’t know, but we did hear people recover after eating u-turn grass. We also hear of 七星针,马草。。。Anything bla bla bla…We tried herbs, but we anyhow try. My mum cough, lose weight, & her right tight make her v hard to walk. I am exhaused, & hopeless until I browse through you blog accidentally. My mum is supreme tired after start taking Iressa, & her brain is more blur.

For my mu current health:
1. Her right leg is in pain
2. She can sleep but not very well type
3. Yes, supreme tired after Iressa everyday
4. Not sure
5. Not very good
6. No
7. No
8. No
9. Yes. Initially is white, now don’t have Phlegm
10. Sometimes Yes
11. Right tigh is very tight causing walking problem

I will be really appreciated if you can help, the entire of my life. My mum is only 64 years old tis year & she is still young. I really wish you can help.

Reply: No problem. Call Mr Lee and he can help you since you are from JB.

Hi Chris,

I managed to meet Mr Lee today, after spent whole day in hospital. Bring my mum for MRI scan today. The result is shown & please refer to the attached. I feel almost want to cry out. The doc asked us to do radiotherapy immediately else my mum is gonna paralyzed. Is my mum really gonna leave me? I cant imagine. Please save her. She is the person I love the most in this world. We went to see Lee. He is a very nice & straight forward guy… My mum perfer Ca Care more, she prefer 草药 as it is more natural; & she really wish there is miracle which let her stay for few more years. It is impossible right? But I pray hard for it. I do luv her so much..& I can’t answer if she is going to get paralyzed. Can you teach me what to do? Lee has not prescribe any herbs to us; he wants us to consider about it. Any advice from you?

Reply: You have make you own decision. I cannot tell you what to do. There is NO cure for cancer ….do whatever you want to do ..chemo, radiotherapy, herbs etc ..there is no cure … so we cannot blame anybody. I am not god and I cannot cure anybody…the patient can only cure himself or herself …that is what we tell you. I am not god and I don’t have any magic bullet.

Stroke then Cervical Cancer

Dear Dr Chris,
My mother is discovered to have stage 3 cervical cancer and apparently she is bleeding now.
She was admitted to hospital on 01Mar 2014 for stroke. In the hospital, doctor diagnosis a tumor in cervix. My mother started to bleed only when she is in the hospital. But she had no symptom or pain. She eats well too and had her bowel 2 or 3 times a day. She could not walk well becos if her weak knees. Please advise the possibility of herbal therapy. Thank you.

Reply: Where are you from? It looks like it is a very difficult case … compounded by problem of stroke and in hospital since 1 March …. I don’t know what I can do for her. To be honest, I don’t want to be a scapegoat …if anything goes wrong, people will blame me.

I am from Singapore.

Grandma has ovarian cancer

Dear Dr Teo,

I’m J working as a pharmacist in MOH. I came across your article  cacre.org which has given my family much hope in the road of finding an alternative to conventional therapy. My grandma is 83 years old with history of hypertension, high cholesterol and osteoporosis. Yesterday she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and have spread to lungs. Her only symptoms were lower abdominal pain and post menopausal bleed. We thought that chemo and radio would be too burdensome for her. My family has medical doctors thus making alternative therapy seem tough. How should I go about it to convince them?

Thanks for your time. Really appreciate if you could reply . God Bless U

Reply: Thanks for your email. Where are you from? Reading your problem, I am afraid I am going to the thrown to the lions! My experience helping members of medical family is just next to impossible although I do have doctors who are my patients .. but this is rare. It is better that you let the medical doctors children do all the necessary. If her children — your uncle and untie who are medical doctors — need my help let them come and talk to me personally.

What are the risk if she were to go through your therapy? What is your experience with ovarian cancer. Does the cancer go into remission ?

Reply: Go to www.CancerCareMalaysia.com and read. I am not God and I really don’t want to play God either.


Stomach and Liver Cancer: Glivec and Sutent

Dear Mr Teo,
I’m writing on behalf of my family members to seek your kind help and advice. My mom has been on Glivec since 2004. She has a growth around her stomach and liver area which they say ‘couldn’t be removed’.

After 9 years’ on Glivec, scan results showed that the growth started to increase in size and doctors changed the medication to Sutent. She started her Sutent around 2013.

However, things started to change as my mother also had very low blood count and has had blood transfusion since Dec 2012.

Our major concern now is that she had her last blood transfusion 3 weeks ago and her body reacted to Sutent with water blisters around her calves and feet. This time it is really bad. Her side effects are a concern, but mostly her health now. She’s been getting weaker since her blood transfusion and we really see the need for your kind advice. At this moment in time, she is bed ridden as well.

We hear about your treatment and would like to seek your advice. Kindly let me know how we can contact you and how we can bring our parent’s to meet you. Many thanks for your time and kind help!!

Reply: If you read enough Glivec is a failure and Sutent is a disaster — makes cancer grow more aggressive. Go to my website and read. I really don’t know what I do to help you. I must admit I am very reluctant to handle such case because I don’t have any magic pill which people expect.

Dear Dr Teo,

I apologise for not addressing you earlier.

Yes, I have read you website and re read it many many times!! Together with the knowledge of side effects from Sutent.  And together with all the testimonials of patients that you have given advice and saved!

All I’m asking is that I understand that your health treatment on taking herbal tea and diet change can slowly change a cancer person(s) body need for a slow but healthier recovery.

And Yes, underlining that there’s no magic pill involved here, but hopefully a better health recovery!

I just hope, if possible that we can make a visit to your office together with my parents and let them be treated by you.

I totally understand that there’s an expectation that any human being will think of, and yes, we hope to see that as well. However, it is more of thinking for my mother’s health and getting her the ‘right’ nutrients now, rather than seeing her ‘waste’ her life away.

Many thanks for your understanding and quick reply.


Morning Dr Chris,

Thank you for your time. We will not be coming over.

My mom just passed away.  Many thanks.


Chemo for 5-Year Old Boy with Lymphoma ???

Dear Doctor Chris,

My name is H, from Surabaya – Indonesia. I’m in Penang to have my son’s health checked (since Sunday Peb 23, 2014 – my son’s in ward of Hospital X since Tuesday Peb 25, 2014). Just got info from my friend to ask you to seek second opinion.

To give you a brief of the story, I attach all the report tests taken in Surabaya, then what has been tested in Penang, will be written down side below.

My son, 4 yr 9 mo old,  has had several tests in Mitra Keluarga Hosital Surabaya which lead to “ suspected Ca gaster” with unconfirmed tests below :

  • Endoscopy & CT Scan reading which stated “probably” Ca Gaster
  • Blood Test which didn’t support those two tests.
  • PA Test which didn’t show : no malignancy
  • Thorax radiology  : normal

What I want to know is :

1.       While you’re looking at those reports and readings, can I send a DVD containing the whole video of endoscopy & CT Scan photos & and those attached reports, so that you can have proper direction what we will discuss here in this case

For your information, my son’s and my family health history and chronology :

1.       We don’t have any cancer history in our bloodline (me & my wife) – up to our grandparents. My father died (@53 y.o) because of heart failure, my grandpa (from my mom) died (@72 y.o.) because of stroke, my grandma (from my mom) died (@68 y.o.) because of diabetes. My mother (60 y.o.) is still alive but sometimes she has gastric problem when she’s late to eat. My parents in law  are both alive, father-in-law is healthy (82 y.o.) and mother-in-law (72 y.o.) suffer hypertension

2.       I have allergic history to seafood (childhood), but not with my wife.

3.       My son doesn’t like fruit.

4.       The symptom was started by Jan 20, 2014 by vomitting and diarrhea, once only, each. There was several times of pain in his gaster (just complaining but not so bad), and no fever.

5.       By Jan 27, 2014, the pain was getting stronger (but after belching or farting, it’s soon ended). We went to pediatrician, which suspected : helicobacter pyluri infection. The treatment was 2 antibiotics + 1 H2 blocker (gabbryl + abbotic + ranitidine) for 1 week.

6.       By Peb 3, the pain was there, and still be treated by 2 antibiotics + 1 H2 blocker (gabbryl + abbotic + ranitidine) for 1 week (bloodtest showed negative for H. Pyluri, but HB was 8), but consumed until Peb 6 when we decided to go to gastroenterologist in Surabaya which suggested to do 1 full month of food allergic selftest before doing endoscopy. But then I decide to meet other gastroenterologist (suggested by the previous one) to have endoscopy, which then decided to be executed in Monday 10Peb14.

7.       By Peb 10, endoscopy test was done which was suspected as Ca Gaster due to there are 3 lumps in the my son’s gaster. Early blood test was taken and showed Negative for H. Pyluri, and the HB was still 8, so that blood transfusion (B+) was done 100mL. Samples for PA was taken.

8.       By Peb 11, CT Scan (1.5 Tesla) and Thorax radiology tests were taken. Blood transfusion (B+) was done another 100ml.

9.       By Peb 12, complete blood test including CEA Marker test was taken but the CEA Market was only 0.83 & CRP was only 2. The HB showed in the test was increasing, to be 11.5. Complete result was attached.

10.   By Peb 14, the biopsy test result was finished and found no malignancy

11.   By Peb 15, we decided to leave the hospital since there’s no decision from the doctors team (paediatric gastroenterologists, paediatric surgeon) what it is, and how to treat this.

12.   By Peb 15, I met dr. P, then he asked me to come to Penang hospital.

Some actions taken by me & medication given after leaving the hospitals are :

1.       I stopped giving milk (Pediasure S26), and any dairy products such as cheese (kraft), breads, tea drinks, chocolate containing food & beverage, fried food, any fabricated sausage & nugget, since Peb 13 until now – to reduce gastric acid production

2.       I started giving honey + propolis to replace milk by Peb 13 until now, and giving porridge / misoa (rice noddle) / mushy rice and grounded steamed beef / finely shredded beef, no chicken, no fish/seafood to avoid food allergic.

3.       I started giving meals 5-6x/day with smaller portion by Peb 14, rather than 3x/day previously

4.       Medication taken and given since leaving hospital under paediatric gastroenterologist’s suggestion are : Neciblok Sucralfate suspension (3X daily, 5cc), Ranivel Syrup Ranitidine 75mg/5mL (2X daily, 5cc), Nexium esomeprazole 20mg tablet (2X daily, 1 tablet).

5.       Oral pain killer (paracetamol) given after the IV was removed by Thu Peb 13. The dosage was paracetamol 20mg divided into 3 packs of powder, and given once in Fri Peb 14 dawn, once in Sat Peb 15 dawn, once in Sun Peb 16 almost midnite. Then I continue with Dumin syrup (paracetamol), 5ml this early morning (around 3:30am)

Some symptoms I observed before and after Peb 13 :

1.       BEFORE : sound of abdominal bloating which then followed by severe pain in my son’s stomach, usually happened once (in between Peb 3-9) in between 2.30 – 4am and once in between morning (after breakfast) till evening (after dinner), and soon disappear after a very foul smell fart. AFTER : sound of abdominal bloating which then followed by less severe pain in my son’s stomach, only happened once (in between Peb 3-9) in between 2.30 – 4am, and soon disappear after a very foul smell fart.

2.       BEFORE : frequency of less severe pain (beside the severe ones) in my son’s stomach, usually happened 3-4 times in between morning (after breakfast) till evening (after dinner), and soon disappear after a smell fart/belchingAFTER : only happened 2-3 times.

3.       When the pain referred by #1 above is happening, I fingered my child’s stomach and could feel a lump under his chest (upper abdomen) . Both BEFORE and AFTER are the same.

4.       Both BEFORE and AFTER are the same : no fever, no vomiting (except once in Jan 20 & twice in Peb 8), normal faeces, weight in between 15-16 kgs, while his height is about 102cm.

Now, in Hsopital X Penang, my son is diagnosed as “favour to Burkitt’s Lymphoma”.

1.       Monday, meet paediatric surgeon, then let the P Hospital pathologist did a review of the biopsy sample taken in Surabaya that I brought, and it was claimed as LYMPHOMA, then further PA was taken to make sure.

2.       Tuesday, before steroid treatment, all blood test was normal, except LDH 275, HB 10.5, albumin was lesser than minimum limit for kid.

3.       Wednesday, after steroid treatment, all blood test was normal

4.       Friday, after steroid treatment, all blood test was normal

5.       Saturday, after steroid treatment, all blood test was normal, except HB was 8.7

6.       Sunday (yesterday), after steroid treatment, blood transfusion was done at 150mL.

7.       Monday (this afternoon), the further PA reading was given :

IMMUNOHISTOLOGY (the atypical cells are positive for CD20 and almost all cells exhibit MIB-1 activity. The cells are negative for bcl-2 and strongly positive for bcl-6. The cells are consistently negative for Tdt (x2).

MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION (the sections of the gastric biopsy show reactive lymphoid follicles as well as a focus of malignant lymphoid infiltration of the lamina. The cells are medium sized and exhibit prominent nuclei, with prominent granular chromatin and nucleoli, occasionally multiple mitoses are seen, and lymphoepithelial lesions are not seen.

DIAGNOSIS (mucosal infiltration by high grade B cell lymphoma, favour Burkitt lymphoma)

8.       In the faeces, there’s no blood within this week, in two times of “buang air besar”

The quickest action will be done by Wednesday Mar 5, 2014 are :

1.       Bone Marrow Test

2.       Suntik obat dari brain to prevent B cell spread

3.       Prepare a chemopot in the chest

Since those 3 actions are scary, could you please prioritize your time to see me ? I’ll go to your clinic. Looking forward your reply urgently.

13-Year Old with Colon Cancer ????

Dear Dr. Chris,

Here I ‘m G from Medan- Indonesia, and I would like your help how to further treatment of case my son:

I have a son with 13 years old and on February 7 have surgery in Medan as infection at his colon and the doctor cut his colon around 17 cm from the appendix. After surgery the colon sample was done Pathology Anatomy    and the result said my son have colon cancer. And then I took the slide and sample of colon and do the analysis with others doctor and their result : Benign lesion chronic inflammatory process.

The slides from both doctor pathology- Indonesia, I took to Penang thru Mount Miriam Hospitals for re – read the slide and the result as attached file.

So here I would like your opinion how to make my son secure from that infection and would you like inform me also how to meet you /where (which place) we can come for consult.

Breast Cancer from UK

Hello, My name is S and I live in UK.  I came across your website when looking for alternative cure for cancer.  In December I was
diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. In January I got the mastectomy done. Doctors recommend 6 round of chemo and radiation after the surgery. I refused and rather take the herbal medicine to eliminate the problem. Lucky for me that according to the CT scan it has not spread any where else and surgery had the clear margin with 3/11 nodes with dead cancer cells.

I would like to come see the doctor for the herbal medicine. Please let me know the procedure and when is the best time to come to Malaysia.  I thank you in advance for your help.

 Hello Sarah,

Since you are from UK …it is extremely difficult for you to come and see me in Malaysia ….so far away … and also I need to monitor you often to know what is going on …it is just not easy for you to come here often. Please read this booklet: German Cancer Clinics. Why don’t you seek help in Germany instead. It is nearer to you.

NPC from Australia

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is N, living in Sydney, Australia.  I’ve got your website through search engine and email address from your website. I am also reading one of your books, ‘Cancer Yet They Live’.

I’ve diagnosed with NPC Stage 4 (T3N2M0) on Aug, 2011. I’ve small little lump in my right neck underneath the ear. I’ve waited for a week and then see the family doctor. the doctor asked me to do the biopsy and then I got the result “non differentiated carcinoma”. I was treated with Chemo (5FU + Cisplatin) and 35 Radiation sessions. My treatment ended on 15 Dec 2011 and continue to monitor up to now.

Even though treatment finished, I’ve problem with side effects as usual. To name a few, dry mouth, no taste, hearing loss and ringing in the ear .. etc. Last 2 weeks ago, when I attended the regular check up the doctor noticed that my tongue is pointed to right side when is out. My oncologist ordered MRI and turned out that my cancer is back. To confirm, she asked me to check with PET scan that lights up and involved lymph nodes as well.

I have detail treatment plan from the oncologist. She did mentioned before that the tumor location was at the back of the nose so operation is impossible as well as radiation this time. My only option is chemo (Carboplatin + Fluorouracil) which is going to start in next 3 weeks time. This treatment cycle is repeated every 28 days for a total of 4 to 6 times.

Looking at your sites, reading stories, books and videos, I’ve decided to contact you for the further consultation. I do believe in herbal medicine and strength they possess.

I’ve booked for the ticket tonight and see you tomorrow.

Reply: Don’t just write email, come if you think we can help you! That’s the way to go!

Colon-Liver Cancer

Dear Dr Chris,

I am writing this email to seek your medical help to treat my uncle, who is suffering from stage 4 colon cancer (spread to liver).
We hope to arrange a meeting with you on 15 March (Saturday) to let you have an analysis of his condition.
For your information, my uncle had recently undergo a colon surgery on 13 February 2014 but his family members has not decided on letting him undergo chemo treatment. My uncle is residing in Johore but currently is resting in Kuala Lumpur at his daughter’s house. I will be driving from Singapore to meet them at Penang. We know this is a special request but we will be very grateful if you could see him.

Thank you.

Pancreatic Cancer from Sweden

Dear Chris,

I’m a desperate and devastated daughter of a 71- year old father who is in the  terminal stage of pancreatic cancer, Diagnosed i September last year. He has undergone Gemzar chemo for the mets in the liver but couldn’t process the whole treatment due to side effects. Deep within i knew that conventionell western medecine would not be the thing to heal the gruesome cancer. He is now in the care of the palliative team but we don’t want to lose hope.

I realise that you cannot make an oppinion of my beloved father since a meeting cannot be set but i wonder if you know any trustful doctors in Sweden who is practising alternative medecine ?

My father is a real fighter but I can see the fighting spirit dissapearing from his eyes and is in great pain. I still need my beloved father and he still wants to live.

Thanks in advance and for taking your time. 

Dear DR Chris,

I apologize for addressing you without a proper title. It’s probably a cultural thing since we never address people with their titles in Sweden, not even when you’re a student and having a meeting with a professor.

Sorry for my improper manner.

Best regards,

Reply: I am sorry I really don’t know if there is such thing as “alternative therapy” or not in Sweden.


Recurrent Breast Cancer from Singapore

Dear Dr Teo,

Trust that you are well. I am KC and was referred to you  by my friend, Professor S in Singapore.  He told me about you last year while we were practising taiji together.

My wife has a relapsed in breast and lymph nodes cancer (the first was 5 years ago).   I hereby attached the preliminary medical reports, scan photos ( lots more in the CD given by the hospital)  and the Chemo medicine leaflet for your reference.  Please advise are those reports sufficient for you to start to do treatments ?  I have paid for the full report but it will takes about three more weeks.   The first visit report will be completed when we go to Penang.

My wife and I would like to see you for consultation soonest.  May i know when is the best time to make appointment with you ? and How many days should we put up in Penang ?

I really appreciate your help and hope to see you soon.

Thank you and kind regards.

Breast cancer: Where is the direction?

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I have called CaCare Penang and was referred to write to you for further advise whether we can make an appointment to see you out of the published consultation time..

I was reading up the keladitikusubatkanser.com’s product web site when i saw your published work/reference to CCP.

My mother has been diagnosed with (left) breast cancer since 4-5 years ago. The initial test – biopsy/report was issued by HUKM.

She has decided to seek alternative treatment instead of surgery/chemo and we have assist her to try a few traditional and alternative treatments. My younger brother has quit his job, stayed at home to perform research online to find alternative methods in assisting her to improve on her diet (she has changed her diet to full vegetarian since the diagnosis), detox and taking more balanced supplements and natural food etc that may have positive effect in fighting the ca.

Initially, we did some scans and blood test at Taman Desa Medical Centre to assess whether the lump has grown or not. We noticed that it has grown slightly larger from the few tests done. Due to anxiety and concern that may affect her mind/outlook in fighting the ca, we have decided to stop doing those test, to allow her to focus more on improving her diet/and taking supplements etc as alternative rather than worry too much, with a view of find a treatment/cure for the ca.

We would appreciate if you could advise on how we could proceed further with your treatment/experience and knowledge in treating the above ca.

Cervical cancer from Jakarta

Morning dr. Chris,

Hello, i’m from jakarta, indonesia. My mom is 58 years old. She had 2 years menopause. In May 2013, suddenly she had her menses again, but just a little and not long, only a few days and then stop. In December 2013, my mom had her menstrual again, bleeding like blood clots. So, i decided to take my mom go to doctor. 1 January 2014, mom did biopsy, and she was diagnosed had cervical cancer stage 2b. Doctor recommended my mom to do PET scan and then radiotherapy. But mom didn’t do that, she went to sinseh, and he provide herbal medicine. Mom has been taking that herbal medicine for 40 days and then we come back to the doctor, doing blood test. CEA = 1,5 CA 125 = 7.04 CA 15-3 = 7.7 SCC = 19.1

And now, i was confused, what should i do? Can you help me and give me a solution? Sorry my English not really good, i wish you can understand what i write. Thanks. Regards,

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