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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Breast cancer: Where is the direction?

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

I have called CaCare Penang and was referred to write to you for further advise whether we can make an appointment to see you out of the published consultation time..

I was reading up the keladitikusubatkanser.com’s product web site when i saw your published work/reference to CCP.

My mother has been diagnosed with (left) breast cancer since 4-5 years ago. The initial test – biopsy/report was issued by HUKM.

She has decided to seek alternative treatment instead of surgery/chemo and we have assist her to try a few traditional and alternative treatments. My younger brother has quit his job, stayed at home to perform research online to find alternative methods in assisting her to improve on her diet (she has changed her diet to full vegetarian since the diagnosis), detox and taking more balanced supplements and natural food etc that may have positive effect in fighting the ca.

Initially, we did some scans and blood test at Taman Desa Medical Centre to assess whether the lump has grown or not. We noticed that it has grown slightly larger from the few tests done. Due to anxiety and concern that may affect her mind/outlook in fighting the ca, we have decided to stop doing those test, to allow her to focus more on improving her diet/and taking supplements etc as alternative rather than worry too much, with a view of find a treatment/cure for the ca.

We would appreciate if you could advise on how we could proceed further with your treatment/experience and knowledge in treating the above ca.

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