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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Pancreatic Cancer from Sweden

Dear Chris,

I’m a desperate and devastated daughter of a 71- year old father who is in the  terminal stage of pancreatic cancer, Diagnosed i September last year. He has undergone Gemzar chemo for the mets in the liver but couldn’t process the whole treatment due to side effects. Deep within i knew that conventionell western medecine would not be the thing to heal the gruesome cancer. He is now in the care of the palliative team but we don’t want to lose hope.

I realise that you cannot make an oppinion of my beloved father since a meeting cannot be set but i wonder if you know any trustful doctors in Sweden who is practising alternative medecine ?

My father is a real fighter but I can see the fighting spirit dissapearing from his eyes and is in great pain. I still need my beloved father and he still wants to live.

Thanks in advance and for taking your time. 

Dear DR Chris,

I apologize for addressing you without a proper title. It’s probably a cultural thing since we never address people with their titles in Sweden, not even when you’re a student and having a meeting with a professor.

Sorry for my improper manner.

Best regards,

Reply: I am sorry I really don’t know if there is such thing as “alternative therapy” or not in Sweden.


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