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Bile Duct Caner – cholangiocarcinoma from Singapore

Hi Dr Teo,

My dad has been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma last month.

We only learnt of the condition when he got hospitalized for jaundice. In addition to Cholangiocarcinoma, he is also diagnosed with portal vein thrombus and his liver scan results are not ideal. He is scheduled for an operation on 4 April2014. The procedure involves removing sections of the bile duct, portal vein and the right half of his liver. Though the doctors aren’t 100% certain it’s cancer, they put the risk at 85%.

In late 2012, he has undergone keyhole surgeries to remove his gall bladder and part of his stomach. Doctors advised that the growths were turning cancerous. His last post-operation consultation was in 2013 and doctors declared him to be totally well.

The initial plan was to go ahead with the operation, but just yesterday, he decided not to, because of the risks involved. There is an option of putting in a stent in the bile duct, but I have yet to talk him round. He is aware that the condition will deteriorate over time and he is looking at a totally different set of problem/risk without a surgery.

After some discussion, we feel that you may be able to help. We understand that this is not a cure, as you have said it. We are looking at delaying the growth of these cells (if they are cancerous) thus prolonging lifespan and being able to better manage/ maintain the quality of life from this point forth. He will turn 66 this month and both his parents passed away from cancer.

I hope these information helped. We are hoping to travel to Penang to see you this Friday (4 April) from Singapore. Please let me know if it is possible. Thanks & Regards.

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