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Rectal Cancer from India


Dear Doc,
As many other patients I write to u with great hope. My sister (Age 35) has been a patient of Ulcerative Colitis since 2001 but it was in remission since 2010. In December 2013 she was diagnosed with rectal cancer (tumour in the rectum and mets in the peritoneum and some effect on the ovary too. She is presently undergoing chemotherapy Folfox 6 and has completed 6 sessions n 6 more sessions remain. However she is in poor health n not able to tolerate chemotherapy and therefore the disagree is to be reduced from next time.

She has lost 12kg since treatment started and weighs only 44kg now. The doctors also say that curative surgery is not possible and give her only a few years even with chemotherapy.
I am attaching few important reports here. I can send you all the reports if you require. I understand you need either the patient or a person to visit who knows the details. Presently my sister is repeatedly getting hospitalised due to weakness n not able to travel. I myself can come but that too only after my sister gets some relief. I would like to ask you that based on your experience and past cases do you think you can help her. Also would you recommend that she gets surgery done or shall we avoid it at the moment.

We are from India and I can visit after some time and when my sister gets better we can visit for a personal consultation too. However at the moment I request your opinion regarding what do you think in her case. Thank you,

Reply: There is not much choice …no body can cure any cancer. 

But doc, you mention on your site not to panic. Looking at your site I understand that with your medicines one can keep it at bay and live disease free n long healthy life. Please tell me if you can help. Thanks.

Reply:  It is hard for me to make any promise … because I am not in  a business of making money trying to mislead patients. If you think that I can help you, bring all the medical reports and come and see me. But before that please read what I wrote in my website www.cacare.org about help on line.

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