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Liver Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Doctor Christ,

We are living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Recently, my father has liver cancer based on the following parameters:
1. Blood test: AFP is 10x from the normal value. The others are normal.
2. He loss his weight significantly during the last 3 years and his apetite.
3. CT-Scan: thera are at least 4 nodules/lesions having 5cm, 3cm, 1cm and 1cm of size.

My father (70 years old) has also the following diseases: tyroid, diabetes, weak heart and bronchitis. Now, he is taking Baraclub medecine since 2 weeks ago.

We have done also several consultations with several hepatologists and oncologists in Indonesia and Singapore.The most possible therapies for my father are TACE/vascular interventional and/or RFA (ablation).

According the oncologists, the liver of my father is still well function, so we would like try the treatment with the herbal tea/medecines prior to medical approaches (TACE & RFA).

Is it possible to come and see you on Sunday 18 or 25 May 2014?.

Thank you for your help in order to save my father life.
We are looking forward from you soon and your confirmation, so we can book the hotel and airplane tickets. Kind regards.

Reply: Yes, bring along your medical reports and scans.

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