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Prostate problem from Singapore

Dear Dr Chris Teo,
My name is  from Singapore. I am 60 years old and has been following your website for a few years now because of my raised PSA reading. I started doing PSA testing as part of my annual health screening more than 5 years ago. My readings were initially below 4 ng/ml but started to be above 4 ng/ml about 4 years ago. It was steadily creeping up and in Apr 2011 when my reading was 5.2, I was referred to a urologist. He did an ultrasound of my prostrate and found out that my prostrate size was slightly small for my age and ruled out BPH. He also did a DRE but found no lumps or nodules that could indicate prostrate cancer. He prescribed antibiotics to test whether I had prostatitis.

After 4 weeks of antibiotics my repeat PSA test showed similar reading. He then recommended that I do a prostrate biopsy which I refused. From then on, I did regular PSA testing every few months and my readings kept slowly rising.

In Nov 13 my reading was 6.3. Six months later, I did my latest test  last week and the reading has gone up significantly to 56.6. All this while, I do not have any major symptoms of prostatitis or prostrate cancer like frequently wanting to urinate, blood in the urine, high fever and chill, pain in the pelvis etc. The only symptoms I am having is feeling of urgency to urinate and going to the bathroom to urinate 2 or 3 times at night. I was naturally alarmed and saw the same urologist again. He did another ultrasound and said that my prostrate size remains small. He proceeded to do a DRE and again did not discover any lumps or nodules.

As my PSA reading is very high now, he said that I must do a prostrate biopsy to determine whether there are cancer cells since I do not show symptoms of prostatitis. I am scheduled to do the biopsy next week on 20 May.

I would to seek your urgent advice on the following:
1. Should I do the prostrate biopsy. I read that biopsy has side effects and may result in the cancer cells if present leaking out to other organs?
2. Or should I skip the biopsy, assume that I may have prostrate cancer, and straight away start treating myself for prostrate cancer using your herbal remedy and do a repeat PSA after a month or so to see whether my PSA reading has come down?
If you could give me your contact no., I could give you a call to discuss my condition.
Dr Teo, I would really appreciate your urgent response to my email. Thank you in advance.

Reply: Just come and see me. No phone consultation please!
I just wonder why do people have to wait until 56.6 before doing anything? — oop, no, they do something – saw their doctors?
I wonder what do they expect when they want to come and see me?
Magic bullet to solve their problem? PSA tumbling down after a glass or two of herbs?

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