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Colorectal cancer from India

Hello Chris,

I am from Bangalore (India). One of our known referred us to your services in Cancer treatment and I would like to connect with you in regards to my Dad’s cancer. I have tried to summarize a few details below stage wise for your quick reference and if needed can surely help you with the medical reports as well.


AUG 2011
Diagnosed suffering from locally advanced rectosigmoid adenocarcinoma with intestinal obstruction.

5 SEPT 2011
Patient taken for anterior resection
Abdomen opened for midline incision
Colostomy done
Abdomen closed. Advised to undergo chemoradiations for downstaging .

OCT/NOV 2011
25 Sessions of radiation with adjuvant chemoradiations (downstaging treatment)

Jan 2012
Low anterior resection done
Patient operated for elective low anterior resection post chytoreduction chemoradiation for removal of
Growth present at Rectosigmoid junction adherent to bladder ,dense adherence present posteriorly .

undergone 6 cycles of chemotherapy (FOLFOX 4 REGIMEN )

20TH SEPT 2012

Post chemotherapy PET carried out showed a subcentimetric nodule in RUL .Nodule could not be classified .
Doctors advised review after 3 months
nil treatment

OCT 2012
Surgery done for closure of colostomy

1st JANUARY 2013
PET for review
shows increase in size of previous lung nodule and appearance of new nodules indicating progression of disease

Undergone chemotherapies at Fortis Hospital,Mohali . Total 6 cycles(24 doses of Erbitux 500mg , Irinotecan 250mg,inj 5FU 1gm, Lecovorin 400mg )
12 weekly doses already administered .12 more pending.

February 2014.

ARS done and rectum removed, as the cancer was detected again around that area. Bioposy reports still shows the presence of cancer in the outer walls of the colon.

May 2014.

Hernia detected at the area where the bag has been attached.

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