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Advanced Cancer in the abdomen

Dear Dr Teo,

My sister who is 50 years old was diagnosed with paritoneal cancer.  She underwent surgery on Thurs 29 May 14.  The doctor informed that the tumours have spread all over the abdomen lining and possibly to her lungs as well.  Her cancer is at such an advanced stage that there is nothing else he could do for her.

He now recommends palliative care.  My sister is still in hospital recovering from her surgery.  We are awaiting for her medical reports together with all the test results.

My sister is willing to do all she can to heal herself as she is a widow and still have a child.  But due to her stricken condition, I would like to have a consultation with you once her medical reports are available and I will have her complete your questionnaire form.

We are in KL.  I hope you will agree to see me.  I am thankful to God for placing a burden on you to help heal many cancer patients.
Reply:  Okay…. bring all the medical reports — most likely they will ask you to do chemo.

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