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Terminal Stage Colon Cancer – Treatment is just to buy time

Dear Dr. Chris,

Nice to meet you.  My dad is diagnosed with 4th stage of colon cancer  days ago.   Attached above is some of the photos during the operation and reports.

My dad has proper diet all these while. Every morning, he will have oats. But he has a bad habits of eating tit bits such as nuts and Chinese tea during night time. He started to have this discomfort feeling at the lower abdominal area during Feb’14. During Apr’14, he had shingles at his abdominal area but recovered quite fast without any medication. However the discomfort feelings continue, therefore he went to seek for specialist during late Apr’14.

Finally, he went for operation on 24/5/2014 and by then diagnosed by doctor with 4th stage of colon cancer. Doctor did not remove the tumor but did a by-pass. According to the doctor, the cancer cells have spread all over his abdominal organs. Even with chemotherapy, it is just to buy time. Details are attached above.

I am desperately to meet you so that I can help my dad. However, he just underwent operation. Do you think his condition is fit to travel down to Penang and meet you in person? We stay in Shah Alam, Selangor. Or do you think I can just meet you personally and bring my dad over by then?

Your help and opinion is very much needed. Hope to receive your reply the soonest the possible. Very much appreciated. Thanks.

Note: My dad did a heart by-pass surgery few years before. He has slight high cholesterol.

Reply: No problem, come and see me.

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