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Rhadomyosarcoma from Johore

Dear Chris.

Good afternoon.  Nice to meet you.  I was introduced by my Brunei friend, Y and Kuching friend, S, to meet you in person.  I have the telephone conversation with your wife  this morning, she asked me to go over on this coming Friday (04th July 2014) to meet you personally.

I come from Johore Bahru.  I am a driver and are jobless at this moment due to my son’s sickness.  Another two daughters are still schooling.  My wife is a full time housewife to look after the children and household chores.

My son, 16 years of age have been diagnosed with rhadomyosarcoma on chestwall (near to heart and lung) two years ago.  The tumor grows very fast in an uncontrolled manner and now already reached the dimension of about 18 cm.

I and my son would like to meet you in Penang on 04th July 2014 (Friday).  Are you available on that day? We will bring the medical reports, scans along for your references.

For the e-therapy machine, I have the intention to purchase for my son usage.  I would appreciate if you can provide information and further details about the machine.  I will arrive Penang on 03rd July 2014 and meet you on 04th July 2014.  Then, I will fly back to Johore on 05th July 2014, do you think I will have enough time to learn how to operate the machine?

Thank you very much for your kind assistance in this matter.  I will be grateful if you could help my son as you have helped many others.  Warmest regards.

Reply: I am afraid this type of cancer is very, very difficult to treat … why don’t you go and see the doctor and have the mass removed. The tumour is too big and I don’t believe the herbs can do anything good …also I don’t believe the machine can help for such cancer. 

To let you know honestly, in my 18 years, I don’t see more than 10 cases of such cancer …meaning, not even a case a year. Again, why don’t you go and go to the hospital and ask for help.


Synovial Sarcoma from Dubai

Dear Dr Chris.

I am 34 year old woman. I have 3 kids I have been diagnosed with synovial sarcoma on 22 february2014. The cancer was in my upper right thigh, I had a biopsy which confirmed it was stage 3 cancer and had to have a surgery and remove the tumour It was stage 3 as the size was 10.5 cm it was incasing my main vein so they had to remove it as well as muscles and had bypass done to my artery.

I was advised to do 30 radiotherapy treatments and 6 cycles of aggressive chemo therapy.

Currently i have finished 16 sessions and should finish the rest by July 3.

After that i am supposed to start chemo but i am really hesitant about chemo as doctors in USA say i should do chemo while other doctors in the UK think it really won’t cure my cancer and it will only delay metastasis to the lungs.

I live in the UAE and heard alot about your herbal treatments, Please may you advise me what i can do and if the herbs will help in my situation. Thanks a lot.

Reply: Where are you from? Chemo will not cure such cancer. 

I am Jordanian living in Dubai.

Reply: Too far away … sorry, I cannot help. We know that neither radiation nor chemo can cure sarcoma. I suggest that you go to Germany or Switzerland and see if they can help you.

But i would love to meet you in person as I believe you can help me.

Reply: Okay, come when you are ready. I shall do my best to help.


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NPC from Melaka

Dear Dr. Chris,

Good day to you. I’m from Melaka and am suspected to have Nasopharyngeal cancer (still waiting for biopsy report as of writing this email after performing it yesterday) – big lump on the left side of the neck and some lumps on the right.

I would like to enquire if you would be available this Friday (20/6) or Sunday (22/6) as I will be going up to Penang on Friday for your consultation. Other than that, what else I have to prepare before meeting you for the consultation? Thanks in advance.

Thank you Dr. Chris, Will meet up with them as advised and then try to meet up with you this Friday if possible. Thanks again.

Reply: Get your biopsy result first, then .go and see the oncologist. See what they can do for you …after seeing all the doctors…then come and see for a final decision.

Prostate Cancer from Sarawak

Hi Prof. Teo,

My name is L.  I’m emailing on behalf of my father who lives in Bintulu, Sarawak.  He had prostate cancer and another slow moving cancer as well.  He is a stroke survivor and he has diabetes and high blood pressure, just to give you an overview of his health condition.  He plays golf everyday now and can do everything he could do prior to his stroke two years ago. His urologist has suggested he do hormone therapy and radiation for his prostate cancer treatment, but my father REALLY doesn’t want to do that.  Instead, he asked me to help him find an alternative to chemical medical treatment.  And so I found you.

I found your website and I had my dad read through your site and he is 100% keen on coming to see you.  But he doesn’t really use email or know how to navigate the internet like I can… so that’s why I’m emailing you to help him make his first appointment to see you.

He would like to come to your center in Penang, but he will have to organize flights, accommodation ext coming from Sarawak… So please could you let me know how your bookings for your consultations work and on what day could he come see you and if he wanted to stay in Penang, could you inform me on what is a good amount of days you think he should stay in Penang to consult with you.  Once I have this information, we will book the flights to come and see you. Thank you,

Cancer from Australia

Dear Chris,

I have read lot about you on internet and creates a positive hope.

I am based in Victoria, Australia. My dad is suffering with Cholangiocarcinoma / Klatskin tumor. He is currently admitted in hospital and have jaundice also.

Please advise what options are available. I am happy to come and visit you personally. I can also email you his all reports so can have a look before hand also. Also, with ongoing medications, can there be any problem sending medications from Malaysia to Victoria.

I tried to call you but someone said an email would be preferable. Please do the needful. 

Reply: I am sorry it is extremely difficult for me to help those from Australia

Ovarian Cancer from India

Dear Dr Chris

Seek your urgent advise and help to heal my mom suffering from adenocarcinoma ovary.

She was diagonosed with CA ovary back in June 2010. Her first surgery was done in the same month followed by chemotherapy and then again a surgery in Nov 2010 followed by chemo treatments.

Her tumor marker came down by the end of 2011. She was fine for almost for the entire year of 2012.

2013, she was symtomatic in the sense that asitic in very very small amounts started forming which had to be tapped once in a while..

But recently around 3-4 months her tumor marker has shot up tremendously, heommorage (reddish)  ascitic needs to b tapped twice weekly. And there is a big mass which has developed in the right side in abdomen.

Her general condition is also below satisfactory. She is also vomiting almost around 10 times in a day , output being bile .( She is strictly on fluids as far as intake is considered)

Today , as a matter of shock there was blood in the  vomit .
She also gets breathless in a small activity like visiting the loo..

Request you to kindly take this as a top priority case and help us heal our mother very soon.
Pl advise where can we send u recent reports for ur perusal.

Awaiting ur response soonest.

Kind regards.

Dear Dr Chris,

We stay in India and hence can’t come immediately to seek your assistance. Moreover, my mother needs my personal attention and hence will not b able to make it to meet you up. Hence, request you to kindly go through the brief of her condition below and advise. Based on your advise i will manage to meet up with u personally or through a relative.

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