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NPC from Melaka

Dear Dr. Chris,

Good day to you. I’m from Melaka and am suspected to have Nasopharyngeal cancer (still waiting for biopsy report as of writing this email after performing it yesterday) – big lump on the left side of the neck and some lumps on the right.

I would like to enquire if you would be available this Friday (20/6) or Sunday (22/6) as I will be going up to Penang on Friday for your consultation. Other than that, what else I have to prepare before meeting you for the consultation? Thanks in advance.

Thank you Dr. Chris, Will meet up with them as advised and then try to meet up with you this Friday if possible. Thanks again.

Reply: Get your biopsy result first, then .go and see the oncologist. See what they can do for you …after seeing all the doctors…then come and see for a final decision.

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