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Prostate Cancer from Sarawak

Hi Prof. Teo,

My name is L.  I’m emailing on behalf of my father who lives in Bintulu, Sarawak.  He had prostate cancer and another slow moving cancer as well.  He is a stroke survivor and he has diabetes and high blood pressure, just to give you an overview of his health condition.  He plays golf everyday now and can do everything he could do prior to his stroke two years ago. His urologist has suggested he do hormone therapy and radiation for his prostate cancer treatment, but my father REALLY doesn’t want to do that.  Instead, he asked me to help him find an alternative to chemical medical treatment.  And so I found you.

I found your website and I had my dad read through your site and he is 100% keen on coming to see you.  But he doesn’t really use email or know how to navigate the internet like I can… so that’s why I’m emailing you to help him make his first appointment to see you.

He would like to come to your center in Penang, but he will have to organize flights, accommodation ext coming from Sarawak… So please could you let me know how your bookings for your consultations work and on what day could he come see you and if he wanted to stay in Penang, could you inform me on what is a good amount of days you think he should stay in Penang to consult with you.  Once I have this information, we will book the flights to come and see you. Thank you,

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