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Lung Cancer from Singapore: I don’t wish to play god!

Dear Mr Teo.

My husband age 61 diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago, he was on iressa since last year September 2013, 2 months ago the oncology asked him to start chemo as he has developed tightness in the chest, we decline so just has to carry on with iressa.

2 weeks ago he has developed bloatedness  in the stomach with  wind and fluid and again oncology scheduled him for chemo this coming Monday. Currently he feels  very fatigue and is too weak to go for chemo cause he lose a lot a weight.

We are not in favour of chemo because in year 2012 he had gone through that already and we find it is too damaging to the lung and show no result because 10 months later lung had fluid.

As I understand your consultation time is only 2 hour,  if we travel from Spore are we able to see u on Sunday as you’ve indicated priority only given to the elderly and very ill from the web it looks.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply. Dated: 5 July 2014.

Reply: Bring all the medical reports and scan. I see patients until everyone is done …even until mid night. nothing to worry.


Dear Mr Teo

Thank you for your favourable reply, hope to see  you soon.

Dear Mr Teo


I ‘ve made travel arrangemnent with my husband to see you this Sunday 13/7/2014.


Reply: Bring all the medical reports and scan …see you. 

Dear Dr Teo

I m sorry that I’ve to postpone the travel plan as my husband not so suitable to travel for the time being. However, we will come and see you when he is more fit to travel.

Dear Dr Teo,

Sorry to bother you again,  2 weeks ago I have made arrangement and was about to come and see you, however,  my husband condition is getting worse as his abdomen slowly  bloated with fluid since beginning of July,  he withdraw at the last minute as we were about to leave cause he was feeling uncomfortable and started to  have difficulty to walk. He is currently hospitalization for 1 week  and has been extracted almost 6 litres of fluid and stomach now still bloated with wind and  Doctor found cancer cell present in the fluid and the gut area is sticky with fluid. And we also fully aware that the fluid will accumulate again anytime.

Dr Teo  I sincerely hope with your help at least he can be treated as we are totally lost,  for a man at 5 ’11” only now  left with 50Kg and the doc  keep asking him take food with high protein. (Ensure)  Dr Teo I wish I would have known you earlier as I read article written by Dr Liu Chu Nan three years ago but she did not quote your name, only  know you in  July 2014 when I read the book written by Betty Khoo.

The solution of my husband condition given by the  oncology  is definitely chemo,  Cisplation + pemefrexed = avastin.

Dated: 24 July 2014 

Dear Dr Teo,

I’ ve thought of using plant protein, however, due to the bloatedness of his stomach, some  products contain of soy, beans and nuts are out such as anyway , my husband is so desperately to gain weight now as he is too weak to walk.

May I know is there any hope for his case, the more I pray his condition getting worse. But I m not ready to let go as God has promised us ask will be given and I find this cross is too heavy for me to carry. 

Dear Dr Teo,

I knew that chemo and ensure are not good product .

From the very beginning (stage II) , I  already aware that lung cancer is a very difficult to battle, but at that moment we can find any suitable TCM in Singapore, some even rejected when they heard is lung CA , some demand a very high price (S$500 for 1 consultation with 2 wks medicine). Although my husband is at the advance stage but I still do not wish to give up till the end cause I ve seen many similar terminal stage and get healed. I was very touched by the wording  which  you have put in the mission and principle of you and your team.

I  also read in your case 2  which I found quite similar to my husband that James suffered from colon cancer and his stomach also bloated and distended.  Therefore I sincerely hope that at least you allow me to make a trip down to see you  and give my husband a chance, perhaps in  God’s guidance  at least can relief him some of his discomfort from his current condition which the oncology unable to give him.  

Reply: Anyone can come and see me — that is not a problem. But if you are too sick— it is not good to travel …so don’t bring the sick…. Also if the doctors have already done everything and nothing seems to work….what can I do? I don’t wish to play god and mislead people …. I also believe that if God wants to do a miracle, He does not need Chris Teo …. so, by all means come but don’t expect me to cure you.



Help Kidney Cancer: Mother One Month to Live. But I cannot cure your cancer!

Hello sir

I am MNi . Im a pharmacologist now, student in USM. I came to Malaysia because of my mother cancer to find a treatment for her following an extract and then stayed and worked on it. This is 2 years after that , My mother is ok now but still her tumor is there. She suffers from Renal Carcinoma . I saw some your videos in internet while searching and also Mr J in office told your name to me. I wanted to ask you is it possible give me an appointment? I need to see you and discuss about some issues which i couldnt find the answer in websites. with regards. M

The ability of good speaking is GOD ‘s gift to man, it must be ..

Strong(Quran Sura Nesa Verse9), Honorable and Adequate(Quran Sura Baghare Verse 235), Eloquent, Expressive and clear(Quran Sura Nesa  Verse 63),Generous and Magnanimous(Quran Sura Israa Verse,,, 23), Beautiful, Nice and Desirable(Quran Sura Baghare  Verse 83), The Best(Quran Sura Israa  Verse 53) even arguing must be in the best face(Quran Sura Nahl  Verse 125)

Reply: When do you want to come?

Where must i come? i want to come tomarrow can i have a phone number?

Reply: Sorry  am not free tomorrow ….and the next few days … can you tell me what is your problem?


i sent you email about my problem which is my mother s cancer n i think you even didnt read.

If you are busy for patients so what is that slang in your webpage?

it was written your aim is helping to patient and heal is with God… With regards.

Reply: I think you are very rude and aggressive in your email …or is it because your English is no good that you don’t know what you are writing.

I wasnt aggressive one day i wasnt rude first, but since the time my mother’s oncologist told me looking at my eyes that she will be alive just for 1 month and he is too busy to do anything for such patient , then i became rude , i became aggressive to all the persons who reject to even hear about a patient condition who comes to them.

I dont know you at all, I didnt mean misrespecting to you, the first time i saw your webpage i found you a great person, but now im the person who tells God” why this person, who doesnt have even some minutes time to hear about her ?” 

Reply: If you want to know, I taught in USM for 19 years and I was the professor of Botany …many of your professors at Pharmacy know me …so don’t be rude …if the doctor said your mom is doing to die in 1 month …what do you expect me to do? I am not God…..I can understand your frustration …but know that cancer has no cure …. you should know that …don’t you….phamacologist?????

No, Im pharmacologist to find a way for her treatment , otherwise im useless pharmacologist and dont believe in not having cure for it. If you as a prof can help me in this issue i need you to guide me as a prof , but if you believe in not possibility of cure just because of some busy oncologist s advise then sorry disturbing you.

Reply: In my 18 years of experience helping cancer patients, I know that there is NO CURE for Cancer ….stop dreaming…don’t think that university professors are smart …Read the emails I get from patients every day ..https://adaywithchristeo.wordpress.com/ 

I cannot cure your mother’s cancer. I don’t want to pretend to be smart or give you false hope. If a pharmacist thinks he/she can cure cancer, then good luck. 

Ok dear Prof. It seems you are frustrated. Whatever you think i respect , but i cant seat and just say its impossible. I will continue my fight. Best of luck for you and your clinic.

Comments: I just wonder if this is the product of bad language, bad manners, or bad education? As much as we wish to help patients, we know that there is a limit to what we can do — in terms of our ability and availability — we not not on 24-hour call mission.  You don’t get cancer only yesterday ..it has been there for years already… But this pharmacologist felt that she is entitled  ……is that what she bought it with.


Lung Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Prof Chris,

My name is R from Jakarta, Indonesia. I would like to go to Penang and meet you to consult regarding my mother ASAP. But do we need to do any appointment before?

Here is a short story about my mother:

My mother has a lung cancer and it was diagnosed around 1 month ago. She always got cough so she went for a medical checkup at Kuching, and they found out that there was liquid inside her lung. They found out that the cancer was stage 4 and her lung looks like a bird nest.

Right now, my mother still in Kuching, So i attach the first visit form regarding my mother. We don’t know what to do. We thought drinking herbal might makes her at least better or makes some improvement. Thanks for your attention Prof, hope to receiving your reply ASAP.

Age : 55 

Gender : Female 

Part A : Medical history 

Cancer: Lung, stage 4, extent of spread : stomach 

How it started : start coughing around 4 month ago, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given : Sucking the liquid from lung and stomach, shots inside her lung.

 Part B : Your Current Medications 

Are you currently on any herbs? If yes, are they effective? Give details : No medications at all, the doctor tell us to do chemotherapy or expensive medicine. 

You may continue to take your doctor’s medication, nutrients and vitamin supplements but list down what you are taking : Multivitamin A-Ztab qty : 14 EA, Omeprazole (omelon) 20mg caps, Panadeine tabs, bisacodly 5mg tabs

Part C: Your Current Health 

The more details you provide, the better we can understand your problems. 

1. Are you in pain? Where, how often/serious? 

2. Can you sleep? No, must with some medicine 

3. Feeling tired? Yes 

4. How often is your bowel movement? Difficult, constipated, with blood? 

5. How is your appetite? Doesn’t have any apetite 

6. Any swelling? Where? 

7. Do you have: Gastric problems? Diabetes? High blood pressure? 

8. Urination – frequency? painful? with blood? 

9. Cough? What phlegm colour (white/yellow)? Yes,White 

10. Difficulty in breathing? Yes, hard to breath

Lung-Brain Cancer from Jakarta

Dear Prof Chris,

My name is K H and I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I would like to go to Penang and meet you to consult regarding my father ASAP. But do we need to do any appointment before? Or we can just come any time?

Here is a short story about my father:

My father has a lung cancer and it was diagnosed around 1,5 years ago. He felt uncomfortable around his left chest so he went for a medical checkup, and they found out that there was liquid inside his lung. So he went for a surgery and they found out that the cancer was stage 3B.

Not long after the first surgery was taken, the cancer cell spread to the abdomen because they found liquid around that area (apparently his cancer cell is the type that produce liquid). We took the liquid out, but the liquid came back again.

Then the cell spread to the brain because there is liquid in his brain. Then we took it out also, but the doctor said that the liquid in his brain can only be taken out twice or three times a year, but my dad has took it us four times.

So his status now is weak, doctor has stopped his chemo so currently he doesn’t have any medication and he has been hospitalised for almost a month. He still has the energy to walk and to talk, but the only concern is he keeps on vomiting, and couldn’t eat, because he will keeps on vomiting again.

Also, for 3 weeks, he couldn’t catch the conversation like usual. He will forget things, and keep on repeating certain words. We understand it might be the liquid inside his brain is increasing and the liquid pressured the brain, and that’s why he keeps on vomiting.

We don’t know what to do… we have no direction. We thought drinking herbal might makes him at least better or we can see an improvement. Thanks for your attention Prof, hope to receiving your email really, really soon.

Reply: Yes, come and see me with all the medical reports and scans ….. Friday at 3 pm on wards or Sunday at 7 pm on wards.


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