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Colon Cancer from India

Name = dr v
Message Subject = colon cancer stage 3a

My father was operated for colon ca stage 3a on 16 th july 2014.

Chemotherapy  was tried on 18 august which he could not tolerate due to complications.

I came to know about you. would request you to guide me on the same.

Regards   Dr V

Reply: Where are you from? Go to my website: www.cacare.org and you have all the info you may need.

I am from new Delhi,  India. If  i plan to come to malaysia how long would be the stay and how often is the visit required.
Thanks and regards.

Reply: No need to stay here ..talk to me for about an hour or so…bring copies of all medical reports and scan…. I prescribe herbs and you go home …patient need not come.

Asking for Miracle Cure — Doctors Have Given Up

Dear Dr Teo,

My name is vV. I come from indonesia. My sister is diagnosed with breast ca 3 years ago with initial stage of 2a. Until last year november , she been doing holistic treatment i.e , gerson method

The cancer was not healing until last year and she opted for medical treatment in USA. She’s doing chemo and on april 2014 she is confirm to be heal. The ca marker is close to normal. Everything went well until last july. She got a cough very bad one. And she went to doctor and the doctor said that the ca recur and now is attacking his lungs. The diagnosed for the stage is IV.

She started to do chemo again however, her cough is getting worse until one day , 3 weeks ago she’s having difficulty to breath and admitted to hospital.

The doctor suggested my sister to depend on O2 for good with the level of 3 liter / minute.

2 weeks ago suddenly she’s suffocate and again admitted to hospital. The O2 level went up into 8 liter / minute. The oncologist and lungs specialist already gave up all of her treatment as well as the chemo. They said now the main aim is for my sister to have a quality of life. That was 7 days ago.

Today , the nurse who came to check upon my sister suddenly said that she is dying and stated that she only got less than 2 weeks to live.

With this email, i want to ask if you have a miracle cure for cancer if all of the doctor already give up.

I heard that you are specialized in keladi tikus for cancer. And if so , please give me recommendation on the recommend dosage.  If possible please recommend us what kind of treatment to prolong her life.

If you need her medical report i will email you the detail. I really appreciate your help doctor.

Thank you so much

Reply:  I am sorry I have no miracle cure.

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