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Stage 4 Breast Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Selamat malam Dr. Chris.

On May 2013 my wife, 44 years old, found benign on her left breast. She consumed traditional herb for treatment but the condition became worse. There is a big wound on the left breast & sometimes bleeding on the end of that wound. Her left arm is swollen due to lymph cancer on her armpit.

On 20 August 2014 we went to hospital & very shocked that she has been detected breast, lung, liver, lymph & bone cancer stage 4 by CT Scan.

PA left breast test result :

Reseptor Estrogen : Negatif

Reseptor progesteron : Negatif

Cerb-B2 / HER2 : Prositif grade 3

Ki67 : Positif 75%

Histologik sesuai dengan karsinoma invasif. NST Breast Grade II/P3T3M1

Tidak terdapat gambaran DCIS

Tidak terdapat emboli limfatik

On 20 August 2014 she got WSD on her right lung to drainage 1.5 liter water & blood.

Blood pressure 104 / 69. Heart 105. Breath about 25x / minute because she feel like cough due to sputum on her throat.

Oncologist want to do radiotherapy everyday for 30x on her back bone but we have not agreed for this treatment.

Dr. Chris, please advise what we should do. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Best regards,



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