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Lung Cancer from China: Surgery failed

Dear Dr.Teo,
Greetings from hot Guangzhou China! My name is YX. I am writing the email to consult you about cancer treatment.

We learned from a Indonesian friend that you have a unique and effective method of treating cancer.

My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer in September last year. Tthe doctor recommended surgical removal at that time, and in October arranged a left lower lobe lung cancer surgery.

Anyway after the surgical, and after the inspection in this month, it still have a small shadow in the lungs. The doctor was suggest us to do the chemotherapy.

Therefore we would like to confirm with you if my grandfather need do the chemotherapy. We really wanna get the help from you.

I am afraid I can’t explain clearly due my poor English, therefore I have attached the first disease diagnosis, and the last detection result, I wish it will be more clearly for you even all the result in Chinese. Meanwhile my dad will come and visit you in Penang next week, so that we can get more information from your side.

Thank you for your great help! Be well

Reply: I am sorry I don’t read Chinese …. No. Surgery cannot cure lung cancer. Go to www.BookOnCancer.com  and you can read what I wrote … some in translated Chinese books.

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