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Case Study: Breast – Lung Cancer

Hello Friends,

I love to receive AcuGraph case studies, and I LOVE the incredible work of Dr. Chris Teo, who treats cancer patients in Panang, Malaysia.

Dr. Teo, like so many of you, selflessly serves humanity by helping those who are perhaps beyond hope.

Take a look at this case of breast and lung cancer treatment he recently submitted!

I think you’ll agree the results are amazing.

Click here!   http://www.miridiatech.com/news/2014/10/case-study-breast-lung-cancer/


I believe in angels and you are one of them

Dr Chris,

I had heard so much about you . Never would I ever imagine the day that I would one day require your touch, the touch of an angel.

To cut to the chase, my dad had just been diagnosed to have TRO Hepatocellular carcinoma . The diagnosis was made through an ultrasound, liver function test , tumour marker and a CT Scan. We are waiting for the result of the CT Scan to confirm what stage he is at and what are our choices of treatment.

Dr Chris, I myself was a nurse …. and i was attached to an Oncology Unit … before, i am very familiar with all the side effects of this so called modern technology scientific treatment.

I trust in you. I will come to your office tomorrow with all the medical documents of my dad and to be touched by you. You have an amazing website with amazing testimonies. Even my friends who are surgeons and physicians and specialists are much in awe of you and so I am. So, I am so looking forward to see you tomorrow.

Much deep regards,

Reply: See you.

Prostate Cancer from India

Dear Dr Chris,

Hope all is well!

My father, age 74, has been living with Prostate ca. He was first diagnosed in 2009 with PSA of 84. After reviewing all options we went in for Orchiectomy. After a month PSA came down to 1 and then in subsequent months was stable at .01 levels.

Last 6 to 9 months we have seen an increase and it started increasing to .05 to .71 to 1.14 level at the moment.

In this period the Dr increased the medicine and added a six monthly injection as well but we feel the trend has been upward.

I have spoken to the Dr and he has said that my father is ‘well preserved but will need  some amount of radiation therapy going forward’.

I have heard about you and your work and am highly impressed with u. My father does not feel any discomfort and has been living a normal life. I have also attached his latest MRI and SCAN reports with this.

We are based in Delhi, India and I understand that u prefer patients or relative to visit you in person. However I wanted to write this to you to see your response and then take this forward as to what and how you feel about this.

Thanks and Best regards.

Reply: There is nothing to say or feel about it ….You and your father have to decide what you want to do …… you go into my website and read what I wrote. Also there is a book that I wrote about Prostate Cancer….. http://bookoncancer.com/  I don’t think I need to add further. Regards,


NPC from Sabah: Onco gave up?

Good day to you Prof,

For your information my husband was diagnosed NPC stage 4 on January 2013. He took 3 cycle of chemotherapy and the tumor had shrunk. He refused radiotherapy because many people told him that the side effects of RT is bizarre. He finished the 3 cycle chemo on April 2013.

By end of July 2013, there was a lump on his neck and we decided to ct scan again. The result was the tumor was metastasis and need immediate treatment. We went to private hospital since we were rejected by oncologist at general Hospital regarding our reluctant of RT last April.

Thus my husband received treatment starting with chemotherapy and 35 time RT. He finished his treatment on 21st November 2013.

On March 2014, We do CT Scan again and it shows that the tumor was gone. His nose and neck is clear. We were very happy that time.

But it was just the beginning of my husband illness. On that month, he claimed pain on his hips and leg…the pain come and go…we went for xray and ultrasound of his abdomen and everything is normal.

Then again, on end of May 2014 he was admitted to hospital because of anemia…from that day he always anemia even though he had blood transfusion.

Last week doctor arranged him for Bone Marrow Aspiration and the result is there are NPC Metastatic on his bone.

Now the oncologist give us 2 options : Chemo or Go Home and wait.

For your information my husband weight before all the treatment was 82kg and now he only 42kg.

I believe we were chosen to faced this and i believed in God miracle. I pray for God show us the way.

I googled about bone mets and i found your website.

We discussed and we hope we can fly to Penang and meet you for consultations and medications. But time is very limited to us

My husband chose to do the chemotherapy but he afraid if he is not strong enough to go through it. The chemo will be start next Tuesday.

I hope Doctor can give us second opinion about this matter.

Thank you in advance doctor.

Reply: if the past chemo and radiation treatment did not cure him …what make you think this time around it is going to cure you?

Now he admitted to hospital due to his low red blood and platelet..he is receiving blood and platelet transfusion..he went to his 1st palliative chemo last Tuesday..but this morning the onco suggest us go home and the no need chemo anymore.

I really want to bring him to ca care..we know there is no cure for his illness..I’m waiting for his blood stable and then decide when we can meet you.

But can you estimate the cost so that i can tell the family and discuss how to bear the cost later.

By the way..thanks for replying us.

Please, we cannot help via email or phone: An e-mail from Singapore

Dear Chris,

I’ve been reading your website for a few months already for my Mom. Due to different opinions in the family members, I couldn’t bring my Mom to your center until today.

Now she is seriously sick with abdomen distention and other issues. Kindly see her attached latest PET scan result and a referral document which explains most of my mom’s history for your review.

According to doctors, the bowels are filled with gas and they can’t do much to resolve it.

I’m aware that you don’t encourage email and phone consultation at all. I just would like to find out if CA care has any way to ease my mom’s sufferings.

And since we are in Singapore and my mom is sick at this moment, I don’t dare to leave her alone here. That’s why I’m emailing you to seek for your sincere advice first. If you would allow me to consult over the phone, I will appreciate it very much and I’m ready to call any time convenient for you.

I’m really sorry to seek for the urgent help. I will be looking forward to your kind reply.

Reply:  I am sorry, it is best that you go and see the doctor and ask for help. I cannot help people from far away —- especially sitting in front of the computer …. and more important if the family members don’t believe what we are doing. 

I am sorry. Go and see someone else and seek help from the TCM clinic. They have all the herbs you need. I understand that the university hospital has a TCM unit.



Breast Burst

Hi Prof,

My wife’s cousin has breast cancer. I was told it had ‘burst’.  I told her about you and she is willing to go to Penang for treatment. She has relatives there. I appreciate if you can treat her. Please advice. By the way please email me your hp no.

Thank you.

Reply: Aya….NO. I cannot treat such serious case. Go to the hospital and cut it out. NO herbs that can cure her…too serious already. And I cannot cure breast cancer. The best thing is remove the breast and doctor may do chemo first….this is the best advice I can give.

Myosarcoma from Florida

Hi Chris,

My younger 27-year old sister was recently diagnosed with a very rare myosarcoma that started with a tumor on her left temporal lobe and has recently metastasized to her neck and spine. She had surgery to remove the tumor from her brain recently underwent her first round of chemo and it was terrible on her body, mind, and spirit.

As her older brother, I have sought out many supplemental and alternative treatments such as changing her nutrition to a more plant-based high alkaline diet and using an infrared heating pad to destroy the cancer cells, but I would like to do as much as possible.

Is there any way for you to assist with providing the specific ingredients and dosages needed to treat my sister’s type of cancer with herbs?

Thank you in advanced.

Warmest regards,

Reply: I am sorry — patient needs to come and see me ..where are you from?

I am in Florida in the US. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to fly over there, so I was hoping for remote assistance. Is this possible?

Sorry… I don’t have the slightest clue on what to do …there are so many people in US who can help …try Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach …or  Optimum Health Institute in TX….go to their websites.

That is a shame. A lot more people would benefit from your assistance if the physical distance between two souls was not a factor. If you have the time to do something like this, I would be willing to help you. Having to battle my sister’s cancer together is a daunting experience and I will do anything to help alleviate that pain for others, especially if the global community can benefit.

Thank you for your hard work and assistance.

Click this link…more people who help cancer patietns   http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/191nl.html

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