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Please, we cannot help via email or phone: An e-mail from Singapore

Dear Chris,

I’ve been reading your website for a few months already for my Mom. Due to different opinions in the family members, I couldn’t bring my Mom to your center until today.

Now she is seriously sick with abdomen distention and other issues. Kindly see her attached latest PET scan result and a referral document which explains most of my mom’s history for your review.

According to doctors, the bowels are filled with gas and they can’t do much to resolve it.

I’m aware that you don’t encourage email and phone consultation at all. I just would like to find out if CA care has any way to ease my mom’s sufferings.

And since we are in Singapore and my mom is sick at this moment, I don’t dare to leave her alone here. That’s why I’m emailing you to seek for your sincere advice first. If you would allow me to consult over the phone, I will appreciate it very much and I’m ready to call any time convenient for you.

I’m really sorry to seek for the urgent help. I will be looking forward to your kind reply.

Reply:  I am sorry, it is best that you go and see the doctor and ask for help. I cannot help people from far away —- especially sitting in front of the computer …. and more important if the family members don’t believe what we are doing. 

I am sorry. Go and see someone else and seek help from the TCM clinic. They have all the herbs you need. I understand that the university hospital has a TCM unit.



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