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Prostate Cancer from India

Dear Dr Chris,

Hope all is well!

My father, age 74, has been living with Prostate ca. He was first diagnosed in 2009 with PSA of 84. After reviewing all options we went in for Orchiectomy. After a month PSA came down to 1 and then in subsequent months was stable at .01 levels.

Last 6 to 9 months we have seen an increase and it started increasing to .05 to .71 to 1.14 level at the moment.

In this period the Dr increased the medicine and added a six monthly injection as well but we feel the trend has been upward.

I have spoken to the Dr and he has said that my father is ‘well preserved but will need  some amount of radiation therapy going forward’.

I have heard about you and your work and am highly impressed with u. My father does not feel any discomfort and has been living a normal life. I have also attached his latest MRI and SCAN reports with this.

We are based in Delhi, India and I understand that u prefer patients or relative to visit you in person. However I wanted to write this to you to see your response and then take this forward as to what and how you feel about this.

Thanks and Best regards.

Reply: There is nothing to say or feel about it ….You and your father have to decide what you want to do …… you go into my website and read what I wrote. Also there is a book that I wrote about Prostate Cancer….. http://bookoncancer.com/  I don’t think I need to add further. Regards,


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