A Day With Chris Teo

Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

I believe in angels and you are one of them

Dr Chris,

I had heard so much about you . Never would I ever imagine the day that I would one day require your touch, the touch of an angel.

To cut to the chase, my dad had just been diagnosed to have TRO Hepatocellular carcinoma . The diagnosis was made through an ultrasound, liver function test , tumour marker and a CT Scan. We are waiting for the result of the CT Scan to confirm what stage he is at and what are our choices of treatment.

Dr Chris, I myself was a nurse …. and i was attached to an Oncology Unit … before, i am very familiar with all the side effects of this so called modern technology scientific treatment.

I trust in you. I will come to your office tomorrow with all the medical documents of my dad and to be touched by you. You have an amazing website with amazing testimonies. Even my friends who are surgeons and physicians and specialists are much in awe of you and so I am. So, I am so looking forward to see you tomorrow.

Much deep regards,

Reply: See you.

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