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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

I have no cure for your mother’s cancer

Hi  Chris,

Hope this email finds you well.  My mother is diagnosed with stage 4 nose cancer, and
she’s now contemplating either to go for the standard Chemo + Radiotherapy or Trying herbs.

I checked your website out and find it very promising, but need to convince my mother. Could I check with you if you have an indication and database of how many people with NPC by stages who took
your   herbs and were successfully cured. This will greatly help me convince her.

Many thanks,

 Reply:  No…I think it is better you go  for medical treatment.

Hi Chris,

But I saw your website there are some cases of NPC which  they approach you and took your medication. What about those cases? Are there more successful cases of NPC being cured by your herbs?  I thought you’re almost against Western medical  treatment? Why are you telling me to seek other medical  treatment?

Reply:  Honest and frank ..I cannot cure  any cancer and no one on earth can cure any cancer either. Those who can have access to medical treatment …go ahead  and those who fail, can come to me.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your very frank answer.

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