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Thymic Cancer from India

Hello Sir,

We are from India. My mother was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis a neuro muscular autoimmune disorder around 6 years back.

She also had thymic cancer (thymoma) and had her thymus gland removed 5 years back. Recently she had a pleural nodule of thymic tissue metastases and got it removed via surgery.

She is doing well and taking mestinon to control the MG symptoms every 6 hours. She does all the household work without much problems and stays active.

She has further treatment pending due to the seeds in the pleura that was not able to be removed via VATS surgery. We expect she might be advised for chemo.

At this point we would like to pursue with alternative treatments and go for chemo only if there are no improvements.

Please advise. Attached documents will give you clear clear idea of her condition.


Reply:  I suggest that you go for medical treatment …this is because you are so far away and I cannot handle patients from far away country. Thanks for writing.

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