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Lung-Brain Cancer from Singapore: I cannot cure you!

Dear Dr Teo,

I read about you and CA Care and would like to seek your help with regards to my mother. They will be making a trip to Penang and I would like them to visit you this Friday to consult you. I’ve attached my responses to the information required on the First Visit for your attention. Kindly advise if we can seek your help on this.

Thank you. Singapore

Age: 57

Part 1: Medical history 

Lung Cancer Stage 3 spread (metastasis). Latest MRI scan showed 2 tumours (4mm) in the brain.

How it started, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given.

Early 2013. Pain in the chest and further scans revealed spot in the right lungs.

Early – Mid 2013, Lobectomy performed in the right lung and further tests revealed lymph nodes affected. Undergone chemotherapy.

Mid 2014. Recurrence in the right lung. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy concurrently. Due to the severe side effects experienced, stopped chemotherapy halfway. Completed radiotherapy.

Nov 2014. MRI scans revealed two 4mm tumours in the brain. CT scan revealed swelling of the lymph nodes near the left lung.

Radiology oncologist recommended 2 options for the brain:

1) SRS

2) Whole brain radiotherapy

Part B : Your Current Medications

Visited Thong Chai Medical Institution in Singapore for TCM and taking the prescribed herbs.

Reply: I read through your medical history — you have done all that needed to be done …. you have also used TCM herbs. I don’t think you need to come and see me at all. There is NOTHING much I can do to help. I cannot cure cancer. Even if you come, what can I do? Nothing much …the cancer has gone to the brain.

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