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Ovary Cancer: Bring her home – the doctor said

Dear Dr Chris,

Good evening, Doctor, my name is Ru, i have sister she got cancer ovarium stadium 4. Me and Sister was stay in Gleaneagles hospital since 24 November, and today doctor in Hospital said to us, bring back your sister to JKT, is possible she can good condition. Doctor i need your help, really need your help. May you come to this hospital and look condition my sister. My parents will bring her, on next saturday 29 Nov 2014. I’m really hopeless. This my penang number 011-xxxxx. Please call me doctor. Try to call your number (604-6595881) but can’t activated I”m ready to pick up. I’m waiting your response.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help. Let the doctors help her. How can I ever help her when the doctors cannot help her. I am not god.

Yes Doctor I know. But really I need your help. Is that possible, my sister trying your treatment. As per on your mission, Our hands but God heals, He Leads we follow, Therefore,a s we have opportunity, let us do good to all people. Help me Doctor. 

Reply: Follow your doctor’s advice — bring her back to Jakarta as soon as you can.

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