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Breast Cancer from Jakarta: Alternatives that never cure!

Dear Mr. Teo,

I am writing this email on behalf of my mother who is suffering from breast cancer since 2005. We would like to consult her problems with you via the Internet. We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am aware that based on recent experiences that you no longer accept consultation via email anymore, but I’m afraid this is the only method my mother and I can communicate with you at the moment.

My mother, now 57 years old, has cancer on her right breast, and later on, her right armpit was also infected. She has never undergone professional medical treatments, and only resorted to traditional, alternative treatments. She said that she was (and still is) afraid and not ready to undergo medical procedures that, in turn, would only worsen her conditions —or so she believes.

We have been trying numerous alternative treatments in Jakarta to no avail. Her conditions did not worsen, but did not get better either. At the moment she takes K-Muricata (Annona muricata or soursup, and typhonium flagelillforme) to cure her cancer. As she is suffering breast cancer, she loses a lot of blood which causes low hemoglobin (HB) level. As a result, she often gets headaches and feels so tiresome. Thus, explains her inability to travel. To increase her HB level, she takes Gold-G Sea Cucumber Jelly and mangosteen extract juice.

Shall you need more information on her conditions, please let me know.

Reply: I cannot help by just reading the email? What do you expect me to do?

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