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Kidney Cancer from Los Angeles

Hi Dr. Teo,

My name is M and I have been recommended to you by my sister-in-law E whose mom has been your patient for over three years.  Her liver cancer has stabilized for a while now thanks to your potent herbal prescription and her strict vegetarian diet as well, but most of all, God’s mercy, as you would agree…

I am trying to research holistic options for my best friend/mentor J who is full of love, grace, and wisdom.  Two weeks ago she was diagnosed for cancer that started from the kidney which is now in Stage 4. J is about 67-68 and a role model for everyone who lives his/her self to the full potentials. She ministers to others and has so much love for everyone that one would automatically be drawn to her because of her inner and outer beauty and her love for God.

My question is, do you treat kidney cancer patients? If so, would you be willing to skype with her assuming this is the route she is willing to pursue? I know that she does not want to undergo chemo, and so holistic approach is definitely her direction.  As with logistics for the herbal pills, my large family and friends in Jakarta travel to the US often, so I can always have them purchase the pills … and bring them here for J.

Please kindly let me know either way. I do believe God bless you with healing hands. There is a purpose for that gift, and thus I would appreciate your openness to this “long distance” patient situation. Regardless, I am sure she can benefit from your recommendation as well for what she should eat and what she should avoid, if you would agree to share. Thank you so much and God Bless,

Reply: I am sorry I just cannot help people from faraway place by just sitting in from of the computer!

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