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The Incurable Angiosarcoma on the Head

Dear Dr. Chris,

In June 2014 there was a lesion developed on the scalp of my husband. It was diagnosed BCC by the skin doctor, who prescribed him some cream to apply on it. The cream did not help, so we went to a surgeon for further consultation. The surgeon recommended him to see a plastic surgeon, to remove the lesion.

The lesion was removed without difficulty, the biopsy result was “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” – All the margins are free of tumour.

Two weeks later after the removal of the lesion, the surrounding areas of his scalp started to grow some new small lesions. We were recommended to see the skin specialists in KL Hospital for treatment. With the first biopsy result of Squamous Cell Carcinoma, the specialists assumed that the lesions were of same type and referred us to the plastic surgeon department to remove the few lesions on his scalp with big margins, by applying the skin graft method.

However, a different biopsy result came back from the Pathology Department of KL Hospital for the surgery, it is now diagnosed “Angiosarcoma” – a very rare & aggressive blood vessel cancer, with poor prognosis of curing.

My husband did not go for any chemo treatment, he underwent Dendritic Cell Therapy and finished his 6 vaccines recently.

We have no idea if the Dendritic Cell Therapy would work in killing the cancer cells or not……. recently, I discovered some small red dots appearing on his scalp again.

We consulted 2 oncologists, one recommended him to go for another big margin surgery on scalp with free margin, then start with radiotherapy. Another said, “go for holiday, when your condition is getting worse, I would start with chemo drug with you”.  More of less, the oncologists are not giving us any hope for a “cure”. The PET result in Nov showed the cancer cells are not spreading to any of his organs yet,

We are from Putrajaya,  its no problem for us to come to your clinic for your consultation. Fyi, my husband is still in a very good health condition at the moment, he can eat and sleep well, and he has no pain at all.

Please help us, I cannot wait and see that my husband’s health is deteriorating, I know that this is a very serious case, its involving his life.

Please give us a quick reply and treatment, as I don’t know how much time is still left till the illness totally controlled his health & life.

Many thanks in advance.

Reply: I really don’t know what I can do to help …because I cannot promise a cure. The way it is, it looks like the cancer has come back again … and you say after Dendritic cell therapy?????? This is the third case of patient telling me things get worse after such treatment! One died after receiving this treatment in Japan …. you can come and see me if you like but I really can’t say much by reading email.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Would it be possible that we get an appointment with you soonest (still this week) ? Since we have to drive all the way from KL to Penang, would it be possible that we have a “special “appointment arranged with you not within the mentioned consultation days/hours, in the case that we can’t make it to come only on Friday (3pm-5pm) and Sunday (7pm-9pm)  ?

Would appreciate much yr reply & help. Many thanks.

Reply: You can see me on Monday to Friday ..at about 11 am ….but let me know first …also bring all medical records.

Dear Dr. Chris,

Can you recommend or write to your good contacts in Germany, who is able or has experiences in dealing this tough case of my husband, I am really at lost…. don’t know what to do, and how to save my husband’s life ?????? I just cannot wait and let it be till the last day to come !

I checked “black salve” via internet, it is dangerous to apply it on your own without any professional guidance.

The donor site Skin Graft wound on his thigh is still not fully healed yet (more than 3 months). At the moment, we go 2 times per week back to hospital for dressing change, the condition has improved lately, the wound is slowly drying up, a layer of thin skin is appearing….It is very important that his wound would heal soonest, at least he can start to walk more, do exercises, and to live a “normal life”

Another issue that he has to take care, is of course, to stop the further spreading of his illness. To find a “treatment”, that won’t kill him faster instead, but where and how ?????

A question – If he were to start with your medicines NOW, will the effects of tea/capsules cause any “interruption” or influences on the continued healing process of the wound ? it is important that there is absolutely no interact impact or fall back reaction on his wound. The wound treatment Dr. told him to stop taking Tumeric capsules, because it causes more discharge, the blood becomes thinner…..

Pls advise, and pls HELP (if you are able) ! though you told us yesterday clearly, that you have not encountered any single case so far throughout your experiences, but maybe you could check around, if you know someone, who does ! The lesions are growing bigger and more, (maybe they are only localised on the scalp surface now, if untreated, the soft tissue tumours will grow deeper into the tissue, with consequence, spreading to his inner organs…..I dare not to think of the pains and sufferings that will come !

I don’t want to give up HOPE, and I need my husband.

Many thanks.

Reply: This is the German clinic guide book …PLEASE DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK … I cannot answer all those questions …I prefer that you see someone else for help ….. (Note: I have spent some two hours with patient and family. There is nothing else I can do to help because I have said enough during the consultation).


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