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Breast Cancer from Singapore: Help yourself first so that we can help you!

Dear Dr.
I am  38 years old lady with breast cancer stage 4 (spread during Chemotherapy) and refuse to do further palliative chemotherapy. I saw your website, Cancer Care and plan to see you with my husband on next week. I already prepared the medical report.

We come from Singapore so we are a little bit worry won’t get the consultation slot since we understood that consultation on first come first served basis, kindly advise.

Thank you

Reply: No problem … let me know when you want to come ….you can come from Monday to Friday at 11 am …if you like, but let me know first. This is special appointment.

Thank you for your quick reply, really appreciate it. Is it ok if we come on Monday January 19th ?
Would be there any appointments after the 1st one? Since we need to book for return flight as well. Kindly advice.

Reply: Okay… need to see me only for 1 hour and then you can go home …please confirm when you are coming after getting the ticket and I shall block my time.

We already got the ticket. We confirm will be come on January 19th.



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