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Breast Cancer: It is your life, help yourself!

Dear Dr. Teo,

I’m writing to you because i found that your mission on ca care will help me a lot.

My mammogram report said heterogeneously dense breast with tubular beading like pattern in the central of left breast is probably benign feature. Benign microcalcification in central of right breast.

Here i attached the report as well as breast ultrasound. I took my mammo on Dec 26, while ultrasound on Dec 24.

Do you deem this finding to be alarming? Should I wait for another 6months or so to do another ultrasound as well as mammogram (to monitor if there is any development to the lump)? Or do you suggests otherwise? Looking forward to your reply.

Reply: What did the doctor who did the USG tell you to do? Wait and see? It is up to you ….if you feel that you want to do  something for yourself  — come and see me and you take the herbs for a few months and then go for USG again …but if you want to do nothing …then wait. Something is not normal.

Dear Dr. Chin,

Thank you for your email. The doctor said i have to undergo surgery to take the thing out and send to pathologist to check whether it is cancerous or not. What confusing me is some people said that surgery is invasive, better look for 2nd opinion. 

Reply: You have to decide what you want to do …come and see me if you like or read my book on Breast cancer




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