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Lung Cancer from Singapore: No remote control healing please!

Hi Chris,

Good evening.

We are recommended by someone on your CA care.

My dad is a CA Lung stage 4 patient with heart problem ( due to previous episode of blocked arteries) and prostate CA which is already cleared.)

He was diagnosed with Lung CA since May 2010. Been through 2 cycles of ChemoTheraphy.

The doc has advised him to discontinue further treatment due to his age (about 80 yrs old) and also the side effects of the treatments might have too much side effects on him. Treatment was stopped around May 2014. Generally he seemed ok but recently he has been complaining on giddiness ( basically he is feeling lethargic most of the time). He was recently admitted to hospital as he had cold sweat and was not feeling well.

We are from Singapore. My dad is not fit to travel as of now so we really do not know how we can go about the treatment from CA care.

Please let us know we are able to get someone from Penang to buy the herbal prescriptions from u as we are not able to bring him over to seek treatment.

We looked forward to hearing you soon.

Reply: No, I cannot help people through the net …and from the story above, what do you expect to get from my herbs when doctor cannot help? 

Hi Chris,

We just hope that the herbs can help to let him maintain his quality of life, not so much to cure him. We really hope u can help us. Thank you.

Reply: How to help? Unless you come and see me with all the reports and take the herbs home.

Hi Chris,

Is it possible to courier or fax over the report? I cn arr for someone to collect the herbs from u.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help by just sitting in front of the computer … and I don’t want to play god either by doing things via remote control. Please find someone else to help you.

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