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Neuroblastoma from India

Respected Doctor,


We have a critical situation with a most active Child (even now).

Child Name is 3yrs.

Identified with Neuroblastoma and Surgery is done to remove his right side adrenaline, right lobe of liver and right side Kidney. According to the Doctor it was a successful surgery.

Still have continued Chemotherapy for 3 more sessions (20days Gap between sessions) with higher doses of previous chemo medicines.

Current situation is:  CT taken yesterday showing 7 cm growth in his liver and also on the lymph. According to Doctor it is showing that Chemo medicines have no effect on the Neuroblastoma cells on his body.

I am attaching his medical report made after his surgery. Since I am in Dubai and Child is in Kerala now I do not have today’s result.

Please advice!

Best Regards,

Reply: I am sorry .. I cannot help people so far away….

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