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Sarcom from Pakistan

Dear Sir ,

My name is Agha and I live in Pakistan. I came to know about you via internet. My father who is 61 years old has been diagnosed with high grade sarcoma about two years ago. He refused chemotherapy and currently we are on homeopathic treatment. The cancer has been spreading by the time and has reached the lungs. Currently his right lung was filled with water and doctors have removed it by inserting a tube in the lungs. He has no complains other than that.

You have written that you are reluctant to take patients on email but I would request you to please consider my case on urgent basis as I would be very grateful to you.

If you agree to take my case I would send you all the reports to date. 

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places — how can I do that? It is not easy. Please find someone near your home to help.



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