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Prostate Cancer from Singapore: You decide your priority in life

Dear Dr Teo,

I have been searching all over the internet to help my father (he’s 65) who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. It was a great shock because he has always been adopting a healthy lifestyle – exercising every morning, not smoking, small amounts of alcohol during celebrations etc. He is scheduled to undergo an operation next Wednesday to remove his testes in order to stop the testerone from feeding the cancer cells. He opted for the surgery instead of the hormone injections. He has also been sincerely practising the buddhist chant which I taught him.

He has great determination to overcome the disease. Thank God I chanced upon your site and I would definitely love to bring him over to Penang to see you. He has also been asking for Chinese medicine to help him after the operation and requested us to help him search for a good doctor. I believe your herb remedy would do him great!

Do you think it would be good to arrange an appointment with you as we are coming from Singapore. I understand from your site that we could come by on any day to see you. But as the journey could be too long for my dad, I would hope that he gets to see you the moment we land at the airport and get a cab to your place. Would the waiting time be usually long?  Do you open over weekends? I am sorry if I have missed information in your site. (I have been pretty stressed and depressed over my dad’s situation.)

I would think he should be able to travel two to three weeks after op, and that means sometime in January.

Reply: Two to three weeks after op, and that means sometime in January. Write me again when you have decided when you want to come …I only work one day at a time.

Dear Dr Teo,

I have written to you sometime in mid Dec last year. My father had undergone the bilateral orchiectomy on 17 Dec and he just got his latest PSA test result yesterday which dropped from 280+ to 14. He has also asked to go to Penang to see you.

I would like to check with you if it’s urgent to see you. I am a teacher and if you deem that he could wait till March 15 that week to see you, then I will bring him during the school holiday in March. However, if you feel that he should see you as soon as possible, I could also take leave to bring him sometime in the week 25 January.

We are unable to come to the decision of seeing you in 2 weeks time or in March as we do not know the severity of his condition or whether prolonging it will bring more harm. Thus, we need your good advice. The doctor at the hospital has no other alternatives for him.

Hope to hear from you soonest. Till then, be well!

Reply: You have to decide for yourself how important your problem is … people like to make things “very important” … I don’t do that … cancer has been  in him for years already … so what is the hurry ? Write me when you decide to come. That all depends on your priority in life.



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