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Mixed Hodgkin Lymphoma: Chemo and chemo — did not work!

Dear Dr Chris,

A very good morning to you. I am Madam H, mother of YJ, is seeking your help to help my daughter who was diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since May 2014. She started to have the symptoms since April 2014 and complained of having difficulties in breathing somewhere in May 2014. So we took her to Sunway Medical Centre and was diagnosed as the mentioned cancer. She started her chemotherapy of first ABVD there ( in June ) and for the later 5 sessions of  ABVD ( completed in August ) we continued at Ampang Hospital (Government Hospital ) as the insurance coverage quota had finished,

Result of the ABVD was not promising as the tumour just shrank a little from 12cm x 5 cm to 8cm x 8 cm. The doctors there said it was not effective and suggested to do ICE ( second line intervention ) since August till end of August 2014. The tumour did not reduce. They did not do any CT scan and we had requested to do a PET scan on our own because they said the tumour did not respond to it based on their x-ray findings.

The Pet scan showed the tumour grow back to the actual size or slightly bigger by the end of August. Then in September and October, we did follow up inconsistenly due to insufficient of beds and was given an opportunity to do a clinical trial on brentuximab but unfortunately she did not meet the criteria and had to be dropped out from the project at the mid /end of November.

Following that, she fainted on 26th November and we rushed her to Ampang Hospital for further treatment. Again, the doctor there asked us to do the third line of chemo ( GDP ) for two cycles to starvage the cancer and do a auto stem transplant later or they just give us the oral chemo drugs to help to subside the growth slowly,  She did the first chemo on GDP ( the third line ) with a very weak body ( anemia situation ) and the outcome was not good.

She was hospitalized for nearly one month and again when they ask her to continue the second treatment, we decided to stop as the time she was too weak to take any chemotherapy and chose on oral chemo over it.

After the first chemo of GDP, her lung and heart started to have fluid accumulated and was drained out at least 4 times from her lung with each time 1.5 litre, 1.5 litre, 1,0 litre and 1.3 litre.

Meanwhile, we met Tn Haji Hanafi who was accompanying his wife to do a biospy and he told us about your centre and how you have helped him to contol his cancer. At the same time, we also heard of Modern Cancer Hospital in Guongzhou which offer traditional and modern treatment on cancer so we decided we want to try the traditional method here which involves cryotherapy ( freezing at -160 celcius  and heating at a high temperature to kill  the cancer tumour);

We flew to Guongzhou on 7th January 2015 in the hope of new method being used. Here they did a through checkup and confirm of Mixed Hogkin Lymphoma and NOT Nodular Sclerosis Hogkin Lymphoma and they suggested to use starvage chemotherapy as in Malaysia. According to them, they can’t do cryotherapy because it involves the heart organ and the mass is in the mediastinum part which  has all the crucial nerves  there.

At this moment, the hospital has helped my daughter to restore her body to be stronger by injecting albumin and receiving blood transfusion to overcome her anemia problem. Her problem of fluid accumulation is still happening and she was drained her fluid from her lung at least 6 or 7 times and from her heart at least 4 times. According to them, the fluid accumulation will not go away if the tumour is still there. Feeling very disappointed, we are very down at this time but we cannot give up trying to seek help.

Then my daughter mentioned uncle Hanafi and text him from China ( currently we are still in China ) and he immediately suggested to us to come back in Malaysia for quick action to meet you as he mentioned that you have successfully treated a patient who had tumour that increased in size and you have managed to reduce and make it disappeared. With the hope of light, we are humbly requesting to meet you in person on this coming Sunday at 7pm by making our flight back to Malaysia on this Sunday departing at 1am and arriving in KL at 5am and do a transit to Penang at 9 am. Then, we will rest in Penang till our appointed time to see Dr Chris at 7 pm.

Along with us, we will bring all the medical report for your evaluation as the reports are with the hospital safekeeping now. Should you like to request for a copy of the latest report, I shall request them to send to me in soft copy and email to you for your kind attention and evaluation. Looking forward to hearing good news from Dr on this coming appointment.

Thanking you in advance and hope to meet you in Penang real soon.


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